Burden and participation of family in the care of Psychosocial Care Centers users

Thaíssa Lima dos Reis Catarina Magalhães Dahl Silvia Monnerat Barbosa Melissa Ribeiro Teixeira Pedro Gabriel Godinho Delgado About the authors


'Family burden' is the impact that may result in the family environment from the care devoted to a patient. The aim of this paper was to investigate the burden experienced by family caregivers of users assisted in Psychosocial Care Centers. For this purpose, we have applied the Family Burden Interview Scale for Relatives of Psychiatric Patients - BR and a socio-demographic questionnaire. The results indicate a relevant presence of burden in the analyzed families and the importance of the involvement of relatives in the care of people with mental disorders. It was also possible to register that cooperation with families in the work conducted by psychosocial care services is still incipient.

Caregivers; Mental health services; Family health; Mental disorders; Community psychiatry.

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