Analysis of the initiatives of the Pernambuco state Legislative Power for the health sector

José Eudes de Lorena Sobrinho João Inácio Júnior Neto Victor Hugo de França do Nascimento Petrônio José de Lima Martelli Suélem Barros de Lorena About the authors


The objective of this research is to analyze the initiatives of the state Legislative Power of Pernambuco for the health sector, characterizing the indications, requirements and bills of law regarding the health subareas and beneficiary populations. It was a descriptive and exploratory study that used the qualitative methodology. Minutes of the meetings held in the year 2015 by the Legislative Assembly of the State of Pernambuco, made available online, have been used. Of the 117 proposals, 81 were health-specific, with the majority being led by parliamentarians from the base allied to the Executive. Issues such as food/water, occupational health, and health services and actions were more frequent.

Public policy; Legislative; Health

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