Intersectoral action for health promotion in local systems: a study of evaluability

Nília Maria de Brito Lima Prado Maria Guadalupe Medina Rosana Aquino About the authors


This is an evaluability (evaluability assessment) study of Promovendo Saúde na Escola (Prose) intervention intersectoral action to promote health in the context of the Family Health Strategy, developed in five municipalities in the State of Bahia. The study aimed both to verify whether the intervention was well designed and to develop a logical intervention model containing dimensions and criteria as for the evaluation step, as well as for the identification of critical areas in need for improvement. Data were gathered by means of document analysis and interviews with key informants, being the logic model validated by consensus technique. Results revealed the need to improve actions of formal education and intersectoral management. We concluded for the evaluation availability.

Health promotion; School health; Health evaluation; Intersectoral collaboration

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