Circular Process: daily evaluation of the Basic Health Units management

Mônica Villela Gouvêa Elisete Casotti About the authors


The Improvement Course in Management of Basic Health Units, Clinical and Care Management is offered in the context of qualifying primary care management, through partnership between the Ministry of Health and the Fluminense Federal University. Its purpose is to present tools with use value to the daily life of managers. In this context, one of the proposals to work on daily relationships is the Circular Process. This article aimed to evaluate the acceptance and application of this tool by managers of Basic Health Units. It is a qualitative, exploratory, and descriptive research, with analysis of secondary database, which contained 376 forms completed by graduates of the course. The object of analysis was the answers to the non-compulsory open question (n=321), which asked the student to identify a positive effect that could be attributed to the Course. A textual search for the words ‘circular’ and/or ‘conflict’ was carried out, and 62 answers containing at least one of these words were identified, constituting the final corpus of the analysis. The analysis allowed us to recognize that the Circular Process tool enhances the formation of a mediating manager profile and facilitates the work process, supporting the actions of managers of Basic Health Units.

Health management; Primary Health Care; Conflict

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