Evaluation Indicators for the Psychosocial Care Centers Type III: results of a participatory design

Rosana Onocko-Campos Juarez Pereira Furtado Thiago Lavras Trapé Bruno Ferrari Emerich Luciana Togni de Lima e Silva Surjus About the authors


Psychosocial Care Centers III (CAPs) are considered strategic in the reorientation of the care model in mental health. However, they still lack systematic evaluation mechanisms. This study presents a set of indicators developed in a participatory process for the Psychosocial Care Centers III of the state of São Paulo. Sixteen indicators, grouped into 8 themes were developed: Attention to crisis situations; Qualification of group meetings; Networking; Management of Psychosocial Care Centers; Continuing education; Individualization of care; Care for people with intellectual disabilities; and Use of medication. The indicators were tested in services and are presented as a potentially useful tool to support the assessment, monitoring and management of Psychosocial Care Centers III.

Health evaluation; Mental health; Mental health services

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