Health promotion for people in the semi-open prison system: a case study

Anne Evelyn Gomes Serra Reângela Cintia Rodrigues de Oliveira Lima About the authors


The Nursing professional experience in the implementation of health promotion actions, through the performance of a multidisciplinary team, for people who meet the semi-open regime in city in the interior of Ceará was reported. Descriptive study, of case studies type, carried out from monthly reports and with the help of a field diary. It is believed that, despite the implementation of public policies aimed at the population deprived of freedom, there is still a lot of difficulty in their implementation. A context that is still very marked by precarious health care is observed and, in some cases, non-existent, in addition to stigma and prejudice against this population. It is important to instigate discussions on health care in the prison system in educational centers trainers of human resources for the Unified Health System, with a view to apprehending knowledge and the development of skills and competencies, in order to contribute to the proper performance of nursing professionals and other health workers in this scenario.

Men’s health; Health promotion; Health education; Institutionalized population

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