Qualitative indicators of satisfaction in mental health

Poliana Farias Alves Luciane Prado Kantorski Valéria Cristina Christello Coimbra Michele Mandagará de Oliveira Karine Langmantel Silveira About the authors


This article aimed to build outcome qualitative indicators related to satisfaction from the perspective of users and relatives. Evaluative case study, participatory, hermeneutic-dialectical, performed in a Psychosocial Care Center, in Rio Grande do Sul, with users and relatives in focal groups for discussion, negotiation and validation of qualitative indicators in 2014. We identified two qualitative indicators of satisfaction: non-psychiatric hospitalization or less need of it; the feeling or sense of well being. It was concluded that users and relatives presented satisfaction with the praxis from the Psychosocial Care Center studied.

Mental health; Community mental health services; Evaluation; Indicators; Health service evaluation

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