Aesthetic and body practices: creation and production of subjectivity in psychosocial care

Elizabeth Araújo Lima Guilherme Providello Juliana Araújo Silva Juliana Maria Padovan Aleixo Lívia Pellegrini Paula Carpinetti Aversa Tais Barrenha Tânya Marques Cardoso About the authors


Aesthetic and body practices have played a significant role in psychosocial care, in the context of the Brazilian Psychiatric Reform. Proposals that invent other ways of producing health and subjectivity, associated with social participation, have valued the diversity of expression in mental health and the difference in forms of existence. In order to study these practices and create a field of communication and collective production of their singularities and their common plan, a group of researchers met in the Graduate Program in Psychology at Universidade Estadual Paulista, creating the line of research ‘Aesthetic and body practices in the psychosocial care: processes of creation and production of subjectivity’. In the inquiries developed, the relations between art and mental health, the production of public policies related to the field, the development of clinical, artistic and cultural practices and the formulation of concepts and theoretical perspectives that support these practices were explored. In this paper, the health and culture public policies that have been developed in Brazil in the last 30 years, their intersectoral articulation and some practical experiences in this field, which we have developed and researched, will be briefly presented.

Mental health; Public policy; Art; Culture

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