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The Circular Process as a tool for conflict management in a Basic Health Unit


This research aimed to report the mediation of conflicts between professionals linked to a Basic Health Unit in a city in the state of Sergipe. A descriptive study of the experience report type that sought to describe the applicability of the Circular Process as a form of conflict resolution with a multi-professional team. The results showed that restorative practices should be routinely implemented, because they are successful not only to mediate conflicts, but also to prevent them; after the first circle was held, there were collaborators with a conciliatory profile among the colleagues; the Circular Process provided an effective way to reconcile, motivate, and promote a change of attitude among those involved; the work processes began to be evaluated with the use of the circle to favor the empathic listening and the promotion of a culture of peace; this process allowed the subjects to perceive their own emotions and postures, reflecting positively in the work environment and in people’s care. That way, it is demonstrated that the Circular Processes can offer an adequate means for the resolution of interpersonal conflicts, once it promotes the dialogue between people in search of alternative solutions.

Organization and administration; Interpersonal relations; Primary Health Care

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