Long-lived elderly: assessment of quality of life in the field of spirituality, religiousness and personal beliefs

Marília Gabrielle Santos Nunes Márcia Carrera Campos Leal Ana Paula de Oliveira Marques Sarah de Souza Mendonça About the authors


This study aims to evaluate the quality of life in the field of spirituality, religiousness, personal beliefs and associated factors in long-lived elderly. For this purpose, the World Health Organization Quality of Life - Spirituality, Religiousness and Personal Beliefs questionnaire was used, through a descriptive, cross-sectional study, with the participation of 100 elderly people. It has been found that quality of life is probably related to self-esteem and personal/spiritual well-being. In this context, health professionals need to be engaged and incorporate this knowledge, especially those linked to Primary Health Care services.

Elderly aged 80 and over; Spirituality; Quality of life; Religion

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