The health of the adolescent deprived of freedom: a look at policies, laws, norms and its effects on institutional performance

Fernando Manuel Bessa Fernandes José Mendes Ribeiro Marcelo Rasga Moreira About the authors

The paper aims to support the debate on the effects that the set of legal, administrative and political pieces of legislation have on institutional performance and practice of managers and professionals from the socio-educational and health systems. Laws, ordinances, resolutions, regulations, academic and institutional texts were raised and analyzed that support and provide the health policy dedicated to offenders adolescents in Brazil. There is asymmetry between the laws and norms and the reality of Socio-Educational Units, which makes it urgent to overcome the barriers of prejudice and stigmatization through investment in human resources and inter-governmental partnerships.

Public health; Public health policies; Adolescent health; Adolescent, institutionalized; Health of institutionalized adolescents

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