Perception of the workers inserted in the professional rehabilitation of the National Institute of Social Security: does the work organization get sick?

Andréa Domingues da Silva Souza Maria de Fátima Ferreira de Queiróz About the authors


The article presents data from research carried out with workers who were separated from their work activities, by accident, and in the Professional Rehabilitation Program of the National Institute of Social Security. It aims to understand the perception of these workers about work and the condition of illness in relation to the organization of the work itself, gender (man), and the health of the worker. The research was qualitative, of intervention, with the use of workshops. The analysis was made by the Discourse of the Collective Subject. The collected data present the work recognized as a condition of existence, however, due to the interests of capital, the worker is not recognized beyond the relation of exchange and is alienated in the world of work, which is reflected in the health-disease relation.

Rehabilitation; Occupational health; Gender identity

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