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A quem confiamos os recursos comuns - estado, comunidade ou mercado? - lições aprendidas com o manejo da pesca na Amazônia

The absence of a sustainable management practices of a common pool resources is of a various causes decurrent, such as: the agrarian insecurity, the small power of the local institutions, the inadequate public policies for the participating management and the lack of incentives and adequate credits. This common resources exploration model has created an environmental degradation and social conflicts between the various resources users. This article treats the natural resources common basis of use and conservation, with a sight on supplying subsidies for an Amazonian environmental management appraisal and the institutional structures rule. The article presents fishing environmental management experiences in Amazonia, emphasizing the participation of the local organised communities, whom point new possibilities for the decision seizing process, strengthening a decentralized system, and configuring a regulatory mark of the participating environmental management.

common resources; environmental management; fishery management

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