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Science as culture in the modern world: the utopia of knowledge in (bio)sciences and the media construction of social imaginary

This article deals with the growing influence of the so called biosciences, a large scope of disciplines concerning life, mainly human life, its origin, "normal" characteristics and evolution processes, from birth to death, in present culture. We are particularly interested in the effects of the discoveries and controversies of the diffusion of results of the research process in social imaginary. Through the mass media divulgation -specially press, mainly the magazines having as its objective the scientific research diffusion, an ensemble of rules about the way of conducting "normal" live all along its phases is communicated to the society as a whole. Our main questions are about to the influence of scientific culture, and the social effects of the normative nature of this kind of knowledge in present days. The scientific science, particularly the biosciences, has not only an intellectual power over public opinion and the other forms of knowledge present in contemporary society, as a moral power of conviction. People are convinced to behave as the bio scientific discourses proposes or their lives will be in danger, by their own fault. Respect to other forms of knowledge existing in present culture, no dialogue is actively proposed unless these forms show some "scientific evidences", which can demonstrate their "veracity" . We are worried about the dialogue capacity of this kind of producing facts and its verification, with traditional ways of knowing and conduction life, not only the ancient or oriental ways, but also the popular and alternative forms of knowing and conducting life in occidental contemporary culture since the seventies of last century.

Biosciences; Culture; Social imaginary; Life and health

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