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The perception of mental health in military police officers of the tactical force and street officers

In his work, the military police officer is constantly exposed to situations involving extreme stress. It can result in a state of emotional imbalance. Thus, the purpose of this study is to explore the perception of the military police officers, both the tactical force and the street officers, regarding the aspects that affect their mental health. The participants were 24 military police officers, from two battalions of the Military Police of the state of São Paulo. Those who consented to participate had to answer, individually, 30 questions addressing issues related to the topic. The results showed that the participants (91.7%) sometimes, or always, feel stressed; some of them (41.7%) reported that they sometimes act on impulse; 88.3% sometimes, or always, feel emotionally exhausted after a day of work; 62.5% said they had been aggressive at work; 20.8% had already considered suicide; and 8.3% were not satisfied with their jobs. In the end, the authors suggest the need for further studies.

Emotional fatigue; Physical fatigue; Stress at work; Military police

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