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Effect of Potato virus X on total phenol and alkaloid contents in Datura stramonium leaves

Efeito do Potato virus X no conteúdo de fenóis totais e alcalóides em folhas de Datura stramonium

The present paper reports results of the effect of Potato virus X (PVX) on the contents of total phenols and alkaloids in leaves of Datura stramonium. A significant decrease in the contents of phenols and alkaloids was observed in leaves inoculated with PVX (X-I). However, there was an increase in the percentage of phenols in leaves rubbed with phosphate buffer (C1-I) and in leaves from the nodes immediately above, possibly induced by mechanical injury. Gas chromatography/mass spectroscopy revealed amounts of scopolamine in samples submitted to all treatments, except X-I, in which the amount of this alkaloid was low. High amounts of an unidentified compound (molecular ion m/z 302 and a prominent peak at m/z 129) were noted in extracts from leaves X-I, C1-I and leaves from the nodes immediately above the leaves inoculated with PVX. It is suggested that the synthesis and accumulation of the unidentified compound is a result of stress from mechanical injury and virus inoculation.

Potexvirus; phenolics; tropane alkaloids; medicinal plant

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