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The Basic Health Unit and its role in the social support network to hipertensive individuals

Paula Faquinello Ligia Carreira Sonia Silva Marcon About the authors

The objective of the study was to identify how hypertensive individuals perceive the actions of the Basic Health Unit in their social support network regarding facing up the chronic condition of the disease. It is a study of qualitative approach, accomplished in Maringá - PR, Brazil, with 20 hypertensive individuals of both genders, from 50 to 80 years of age. The Content Analysis technique - Thematic Modality - was used for data analysis. Results revealed that the individuals in study maintain a fragile link with the basic unit and they do not notice an appropriate reception on the part of the professionals. A lack of incentive regarding the attendance of meetings was observed. Patients only go to the health center when they feel "sick" or when they need medicine refills. The importance on the nurses' performance to support hypertensive patients in order to recover the focus on health promotion and prevention is highlighted.

Hypertension; Social support; Nursing; Primary health care

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