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Relationship between drug use and child maltreatment among undergraduate students of a university in Colombia

Monica Rosaura Garcia Baquero Robert Mann Hayley Hamilton Pat Erickson Bruna Brands Norman Giesbrecht Maria da Gloria Miotto Wright Francisco Cumsille Jaime Sapag Akwatu Khenti About the authors

This research examines the relationship between drug use among students of a public university in Villavicencio, Colombia, and child maltreatment, using as a theoretical reference bio-ecological perspective. A retrospective exploratory study was conducted with a sample of 313 undergraduate students. 10.2% of respondents reported having been maltreated during their childhood and the most widely used form of violence was physical violence followed by psychological violence. 56.9% of the surveyed students have used psychoactive substances at some point in life, and its onset between 13 and 18 years. There is evidence of child maltreatment with manifestations of physical aggression, as well as the consumption of psychoactive substances, but there is not a statistically significant relationship between maltreatment during childhood and the use of psychoactive substances in the studied sample.

Child abuse; Substance-related disorders; Students; Universities

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