IMPACT PERCEPTION AT WORK FROM AN ONLINE TRAINING ON THE PREVENTION OF PRESSURE INJURY1 1 Article extracted from thesis - Online training on pressure ulcer: learning, reaction and the impact on work presented to Programa de Pós-Graduação em Gerenciamento em Enfermagem, Escola de Enfermagem, Universidade de São Paulo (USP), in 2016.

Juscilynne Barros da Costa Aroldi Heloisa Helena Ciqueto Peres Vera Lucia Mira About the authors



to assess the impact perception in amplitude, and the support for the transferring of the online training on pressure injury prevention.


this is an exploratory-descriptive study, developed in the city of São Paulo, in the University Hospital of the University of São Paulo. The research population was composed of 97 nurses who worked in units with patients at higher risk of developing pressure injury. In addition, two instruments were applied for assessing the support on the transfer and the impact perception. The data were submitted to descriptive statistical analyzes and Pearson’s correlation coefficients, with the aid of the software R® 3.2.2. Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient was used to verify the internal consistency of the scales.


the impact perception of the training in the current study had an average value of 7.05±1.60. In the assessment of the Transfer Support, the average was 5.82±1.45. The impact analysis on the study showed significant values, indicating that there was transference and construction of knowledge, as well as skills developed by nurses in the online training for the care practice in the prevention of pressure injury. The assessment of the transfer support allowed us to examine the type of environment found by nurses to make the assimilated contents transfer to their professional practice.


the results of the assessments show that the online training provides knowledge to the nurses and contribute to the implementation of new educational technologies in the permanent actions of training and development of the nursing professionals.

Pressure ulcer; Distance education; Educational technology; Continuing Education in nursing; Training; Informatics in nursing

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