Translation and cross-cultural adaptation of the Temperament & Personality Questionnaire into Brazilian Portuguese

Tradução e adaptação cultural para o português brasileiro do Temperament and Personality Questionnaire

Lucas Spanemberg Gordon Parker Marco Antonio Caldieraro Edgar Arrua Vares Fernanda Costa Manuela Martins Costa Marcelo Pio Fleck About the authors


The Temperament & Personality Questionnaire (T&P) is a self-report instrument designed to evaluate personality styles overrepresented in patients with depression. This report briefly describes the translation and adaptation of the T&P into Brazilian Portuguese.


The procedures, which included 10 steps, followed guidelines for the adaptation of self-report instruments defined by the International Society For Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) Task Force for Translation and Cultural Adaptation.


The author of the original T&P questionnaire authorized and participated in the translation conducted by the authors and independent native speakers. Evaluation of the translated questionnaire indicated that only minor adjustments were required in the Portuguese version.


The Brazilian version of T&P, translated and adapted following a rigid standardized process, is available for use free of charge and may be especially useful in pursuing links between personality styles and depressive conditions.

Translation; personality; depressive disorder; self-report questionnaire

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