Translation and cross-cultural adaptation of the Brazilian Portuguese version of the Driving Anger Scale (DAS): long form and short form

Tradução e adaptação transcultural da versão brasileira da Driving Anger Scale (DAS): forma longa e forma curta

Jessye Almeida Cantini George Oliveira Santos Eduardo de Carvalho Machado Antonio Egídio Nardi Adriana Cardoso Silva About the authors


Driving anger has attracted the attention of researchers in recent years because it may induce individuals to drive aggressively or adopt risk behaviors. The Driving Anger Scale (DAS) was designed to evaluate the propensity of drivers to become angry or aggressive while driving. This study describes the cross-cultural adaptation of a Brazilian version of the short form and the long form of the DAS.


Translation and adaptation were made in four steps: two translations and two back-translations carried out by independent evaluators; the development of a brief version by four bilingual experts in mental health and driving behaviors; a subsequent experimental application; and, finally, an investigation of operational equivalence.


Final Brazilian versions of the short form and of the long form of the DAS were made and are presented. Conclusions: This important instrument, which assesses driving anger and aggressive behaviors, is now available to evaluate the driving behaviors of the Brazilian population, which facilitates research in this field.

Cross-cultural adaptation; psychometrics; automobile vehicles; automobile driving

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