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(Updated: 2023/06/20)

About the journal


Basic information


The Intercom - Revista Brasileira de Ciências da Comunicação is a biannual publication of the Brazilian Society for the Interdisciplinary Studies in Communication (Intercom). The main topic is the Social Communication, respecting the broad thematic scope and interdisciplinary character of the field.  The main topic of its content is to publish scientific papers. It receives texts which are submitted continually.

The Intercom - Revista Brasileira de Ciências da Comunicação was born in 1978 and was improved as a scientific journal over time. It circulates continuously since its founding, with regular interval. Of all the journals currently in circulation, the RBCC is the oldest. In the 1980 years, it was one of the four journals available at the time, representing an important means of democratization of knowledge and dialogue on and for the area of ​​Communication. Today is one of the leading publications in the area, being the first to be accredited by the major international indexing.

Purposes: a) Promote and disseminate scientific research on national and international academic Communication; b) To contribute do develop the level of research and teaching university Communication; c) Serve as a space for reflection on issues of public interest about Communication.



Indexed in

  • SciELO (Scientific Electronic Library Online)
  • Redalyc (Red de Revistas Científicas de América Latina y el Caribe, España y Portugal)
  • DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals)
  • Latindex (Sistema Regional de Información en Línea para Revistas Científicas de América Latina, el Caribe, España y Portugal)
  • Revcom (Coleção Eletrônica de Revistas de Ciências da Comunicação-Portcom/Intercom)
  • Clase (Citas Latinoamericanas en Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades)
  • ROAR (Registry of Open Access Repositories)
  • Diadorim Diretório de políticas editoriais das revistas científicas brasileiras
  • IRESIE (Indice de Revistas de Educación Superior e Investigación Educativa/ Base de Datos sobre Educación)
  • ProQuest Product/Service – Sociological Abstracts


Intellectual property






Editorial board





Associated editors



Editorial comission

  All of them are qualified PhD's who work in the most diverse institutions.  


Editorial production


Editorial assistants

Text revision (Portuguese and English)

Journal design and layout

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Instructions to authors


Scope and policy


The Intercom – Revista Brasileira de Ciências da Comunicação publishes analytical articles or essays, research results, reviews and interviews. The main topic is the Social Communication.

The text must necessarily be unpublished and intended only for Intercom – Revista Brasileira de Ciências da Comunicação. Subjects must deal about the social Communication universe, taking for granted an interdisciplinary analysis.

The text submitted should be and the product of own intellectual authorship. The author must commit to identify all data and references, with their necessary credits. He must also declare that the material presented are totally free of copyright and therefore be responsible for any problem court or any claim related to intellectual property rights, thereby completely exonerating the Sociedade Brasileira de Estudos Interdisciplinares da Comunicação (Intercom), the magazine and the editors of the same.

The texts are received for the sections Articles, Reviews and Arena and must observe the rules described.

Articles - analytical articles or reviews resulting from original research in theoretical or field related to subjects of Social Communication (with size ranging from 32 000 to 40 000 characters with spaces). Should contain analysis and interpretation of results and an introduction in which the author(s) explains the research strategy and methodology used. Priority will be given texts that are actually derived from research and scientific discovery which evidence and / or methodological or conceptual invention. Fixed section.

Arena - texts on controversial issues and/or emerging, case studies, preliminary research notes (size between 15 and 30 000 characters with spaces / written reflections more formal freedom). Flex section.

Interview - testimonies of the distinguished figures with stories of life, professional achievements and/or relevant academic contribution to the field of Communication. Fixed section.

Reviews - texts with variable size between 6000 and 7000 characters (with spaces) with record and critical about published books recently. Fixed section

Evaluation (peer review):

All text submitted are submitted to a pre-assessment on the editors to determine whether they meet the formal requirements. Once accepted in the first instance, the text, without identifying the author, goes through a review by two members of the Editorial Cientific Board. In case of divergent opinions, the paper is submitted to a third member. The material is returned to the author(s) in case of the reviewers suggest changes or corrections. The results of the assessment are communicated to the author(s) also in cases of rejection. The final decision on the merits of the work is the responsibility of the Editorial Committee (editor and associate editors).



Form and preparation of manuscripts

  • Articles must be accompanied by abstract (containing the theme, objectives, methodology and the main conclusion) of approximately 10 lines (1000 characters) in Portuguese, Spanish and English.
  • It is necessary to out five keywords, separated by a period, also translated.
  • The article title should be translated into the languages ​​mentioned above.
  • The author(s) must send a mini curriculum vitae with the maximum degree obtained, institutional affiliation (Department, Unit, University), city, country, email and other relevant information, will be placed on the note. In case of there is not institutional affiliation, to inform the profession.
  • Just below the name of the author (or in a note) to inform the full mailing address conventional and telephone number.
  • Manuscripts must be typed in Word, Times New Roman, size 12, 1.5 spacing, justified, except the list of "References" which should be single-spaced and no right alignment.
  • Tables and illustrations should be inserted in the text, in black and white high resolution.
  • Intercom – Revista Brasileira de Ciências da Comunicação accepts text in Portuguese, English, Spanish and Italian.
  • If the text come to be accepted for publication, the author (s) sign a consent form - according to the model established - transferring the copyright to the magazine and authorizing the Intercom – Revista Brasileira de Ciências da Comunicação to publish it in print, electronic, CD-ROM and / or Internet or other known medias.
  • The jounal adopts the rules of scientific work of Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas (ABNT), especially the NBR 6023, NBR 6028 and NBR10520. See details on website:


Send of the manuscripts


Works should be sent to the website of Intercom/Portcom, with copy (not blind copy) to Maria Ataide Malcher e Iluska Coutinho (e-mail, following the steps bellow:

a) Go to the site

b) Click in “Revista Intercom”.

c) Or go to

d) If the first access, complete the personal data in the item "Cadastro". If you are already registered, click in “Acesso” to login.

e) To submit a paper, follow the remaining instructionbs of the system.




Sociedade Brasileira de Estudos Interdisciplinares da Comunicação (INTERCOM) Rua Joaquim Antunes, 705, 05415-012 São Paulo-SP Brasil, Tel. 55 11 2574-8477 - São Paulo - SP - Brazil