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Basic Information

Ambiente Construído is the journal of ANTAC (National Association of the Built Environment Technology), the main Brazilian scientific association in this field of knowledge. Its members are mainly researchers with background in civil engineering and architecture.

Ambiente Construído is the only Brazilian academic journal that has the scope of Built Environment Technology as a whole. It has filled a gap in terms of scientific publications in Brazil, since it has a different role compared to other technical publications in the country. Besides its role of disseminating knowledge, this journal represents an important forum for in-depth discussion of the results of research and development activities, as well as a formal mechanism for recognition of good quality scientific work.

This journal was initially printed in paper. However, it is currently published in the electronic version only, with free access in the internet.

There are two types of issues. Some are regular issues, containing articles from any sub-area of the built environment technology. There are also special issues, focused on a specific topic, which are usually co-edited by an invited editor.

Four issues a year are produced, one for each trimester.

Its abbreviated title is Ambient. Constr. (Online), which should be used in bibliographies, footnotes and bibliographical references and strips.


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All content of the journal, except where identified, is licensed under a Creative Commons attribution type BY.



This journal receives funding from:
  • ANTAC- Associação Nacional De Tecnologia Do Ambiente Construído (
  • CNPq - Conselho Nacional De Desenvolvimento Científico E Tecnológico ( and CAPES - Coordenação do Aperfeiçoamento do Pessoal de Ensino Superior (


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