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REM - International Engineering Journal

On-line version ISSN 2448-167X

REM, Int. Eng. J. vol.71 no.3 Ouro Preto July/Sept. 2018 


To be or not be transparent

Jório Coelho, Prof.1 

1Editor-in-Chef Doctor Engineer by Polytecnique Institute of Lorraine-France Retired professor of Federal University of Ouro Preto - School of Mines-Department of Geology E-mail: 35400-000 - Ouro Preto - BR

Among the many messages I have received as editor of REM, one has particularly called my attention because the writer claims that the message is a personal opinion:

I would like to know what the procedure is to publish in REM. Is there a cost? How long is the waiting line for publishing? What is the acception rate for institutions other than UFOP? I ask this because it seems that UFOP authors are dominant.

I informed the writer that REM has never been a School of Mines or UFOP publication, and that recently it has been absorbed the the Gorceix Foundation.

Furthermore, REM has more than 32 associated editors in Brazil and abroad, and only 18% of these editors come from the Federal University of Ouro Preto (UFOP). At no time is special treatment given to UFOP students. I also informed the writer that all articles presented by UFOP researchers are under the responsibility of an editor outside this unit for the sake of transparency. The same treatment is used in relation to other educational institutions from any part of the world.

There is something I forgot to say to the writer who is concerned about “unequal treatment”, as well as thinking about a "closed group". It is that the creators of REM in 1936, rightly thought of escaping from the isolation that the city had become because the state capital moved from Ouro Preto to Belo Horizonte in 1897.

To reinforce this impartiality, our journal requires you to add Preferred and/or Non-Preferred Reviewers for your manuscript, and they should not belong to your institution, and the referees indicated, by the authors, should be Doctors or “renowned” within the scientific community for the subject of the article. It is up to the Associate Editor to accept, or not, your indication.

This requirement makes us reject several articles, and when asked by an author, I replied that although the person indicated could be exempt from the analysis, I reminded him of an old proverb that says: “Ceasar’s wife must be above suspicion” Which means that we consider ourselves to be an honest magazine and that our decisions are honestly made.

Finalizing, it is now possible to read REM in your tablet or smartphone. Just download the applicative “Revista REM”.

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