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Scope and Policy

The journal welcomes texts and audio-visual materials on any subject within the field of anthropology, but in order to cover the many areas of interest that characterize Brazilian anthropology it publishes thematic dossiers organized by guest editors, who may also incorporate translations of important related articles published originally in Portuguese.  To encourage even greater inter-action between Brazilian anthropology and other anthropologies, anthropologists from outside Brazil are encouraged to submit critical reviews of recently published books in Brazil.

All materials submitted to the journal are sent for peer review by at least two reviewers.  Anonymity is guaranteed for authors and reviewers. etc.


Form and  preparation of  manuscripts

VIBRANT accepts the following types of contributions that should be sent to the Editor (

1. Unpublished articles in English, French or Spanish;

2. Book reviews;

3. Translations into English, French or Spanish of classical Brazilian anthropological texts;

4. Power point presentations;

5. Videos.

Texts may be submitted in Portuguese if authors agree to translate them into English, French or Spanish should they be approved. Authors are encouraged to request funding from their post-graduate departments for funds for translation. Vibrant occasionally has small amounts to help with translation and authors will be informed if and when such funds are available.

Texts and videos will be evaluated first by the Editorial Council, which will evaluate the appropriateness of the text in relation to the editorial policy of the journal, and subsequently by anonymous ad hoc reviewers who will not be informed of the authorship of the texts under review.

Texts should be sent by email to the editor of VIBRANT ( in Word format. They should be typed in Times New Roman with spacing of 1.5 and be accompanied by a summary of between 100 and 150 words in the language in which the article is written and English also if written in French or Spanish. Footnotes should not contain simple bibliographical references. These should appear in the body of the text as follows: author’s surname/space/year of publication: /space/pages) as, for example: (Wagley 1977: 160-162).

Authors should also include from four to six key words that draw attention to the most salient aspects of the text submitted. The authors should send their professional details (institution, position, title, principal publications), as well as an address for correspondence (including email). These details should appear at the end of the text.  The sending of texts implies the cession of authorial rights and the granting of permission to publish in VIbrant. Authors are entirely responsible for the opinions they express.

Book reviews should be presented with a complete reference of the works in question.

Texts will be revised by our editorial staff and submitted to authors for their approval.

Videos should be submitted either as DVDs or else through an internet host. Under the name of the author that follows the title only his/her institutional affiliation should appear.

Bibliographical references should appear in the body of the text in the following format: Surname of author/space/year of publication:/space/pages), as in the following example: (Wagley 1977: 160-162).

The bibliography, in alphabetical order, should come at the end of the text and respect the format that is shown in the following examples (attention should be paid to punctuation, spaces, use of italics and upper-case)


GLUCKMAN, Max. 1955.The Judicial Process Among the Barotse of Northern Rhodesia. Manchester: Manchester University Press.


WAGLEY, Charles. 1951. Races et classes dans le Brésil rural. Paris: UNESCO.

Edited Volume

FERNANDES, Florestan. 1976. "Aspectos da Educação na Sociedade Tupinambá". In: E. Schaden (org.), Leituras de Etnologia Brasileira. São Paulo: Cia. Editora Nacional. pp. 63-86.

Article in Periodical

FOSTER, George M. 1972. "The Anatomy of Envy: A Study in Symbolic Behavior".Current Anthropology, 13(2): 165-169.

Academic thesis

MASSART, Guy. 2002. Communication et postmodernité : Approche ethnographique de la pragmatique des identités en Afrique Lusophone (Iles du Cap-Ver.t et Mozambique). Thèse de Doutorat, École Normale Supérieure Lettres et Sciences Humaines - Lyon.


Sending manuscripts

Manuscripts and áudio visual materials should be sent to the Editors ( and to guest editors if the manuscript is submitted for inclusion in a dossiê.


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