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Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciências
versão On-line ISSN 1678-2690


An. Acad. Bras. Ciênc. vol.82 no.4 Rio de Janeiro dez. 2010

 Nota Editorial
 ·  The role of RNA in genetic programming, the interaction between humming birds and angiosperms in two areas of the Serra da Bodoquena (Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil), and new extinct flying reptiles from China
Kellner, Alexander W.A.

 Ciências Matemáticas
 ·  Systems with the integer rounding property in normal monomial subrings
Dupont, Luis A.; Rentería-Márquez, Carlos; Villarreal, Rafael H.

 ·  Injectivity of the Dirichlet-to-Neumann Functional and the Schwarzian Derivative
Silva, Fernando A.F.C.; Venegas, Pedro A.G.; Ahumada, Ramón O.M.

 Ciências Químicas
 ·  iso-Kaurenoic acid from Wedelia paludosa D.C.
Batista, Ronan; García, Pablo A.; Castro, María Ángeles; Del Corral, José M. Miguel; Feliciano, Arturo S.; Oliveira, Alaíde B. de

 Ciências Biológicas
 ·  Characterization of the occupied shells by the hermit crab Clibanarius vittatus (Decapoda, Diogenidae) at Baixio Mirim tideflat, Guaratuba Bay, southern Brazil
Sampaio, Sara R.; Masunari, Setuko

 ·  Flowering phenology and pollination of ornithophilous species in two habitats of Serra da Bodoquena, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil
Faria, Rogério R.; Araújo, Andréa C.

 ·  Alterations in the mitotic index of Allium cepa induced by infusions of Pluchea sagittalis submitted to three different cultivation systems
Rossato, Liana V.; Tedesco, Solange B.; Laughinghouse IV, Haywood D.; Farias, Júlia G.; Nicoloso, Fernando T.

 ·  Macro and micro minerals: are frozen fruits a good source?
Spada, Patricia D.S.; Bortolin, Giovana V.; Prá, Daniel; Santos, Carla E.I.; Dias, Johnny F.; Henriques, João A.P.; Salvador, Mirian

 ·  Botanical aspects of Heteropterys umbellata (Malpighiaceae): a cytological and palynological approach
Sousa, Saulo M.; Reis, Aryane C.; Gomes, Shaiany S.L.; Bernardo, Karina B.; Salimena, Fátima R.G.; Viccini, Lyderson F.

 ·  Contrasting bee pollination in two co-occurring distylic species of Cordia (Cordiaceae, Boraginales) in the Brazilian semi-arid Caatinga: generalist in C. globosa vs. specialist in C. leucocephala
Machado, Isabel C.; Lopes, Ariadna V.; Sazima, Marlies

 ·  Evaluation of the botanical origin of commercial dry bee pollen load batches using pollen analysis: a proposal for technical standardization
Barth, Ortrud M.; Freitas, Alex S.; Oliveira, Érika S.; Silva, Rosana A.; Maester, Fernanda M.; Andrella, Raquel R.S.; Cardozo, Gina M.B.Q.

 ·  Analysis of an alternative method for the study of bromeliad-associated fauna in plants with different foliar organization
Müller, Gerson A.; Name, Fernando T.; Pacheco, Frederico C.L.; Marcondes, Carlos B.

 ·  Assessment of sperm production and reproductive organs of Wistar rats to long-term exposure of Caesalpinia ferrea
Lucinda, Leda M.F.; Rocha, Camila B.; Reboredo, Maycon M.; Faria, Vinícius C.; Sá, Rita C.S.

 ·  Wood anatomy of Mollinedia glabra (Spreng.) Perkins (Monimiaceae) in two Restinga Vegetation Formations at Rio das Ostras, RJ, Brazil
Novaes, Fernanda da S.; Callado, Cátia H.; Pereira-Moura, Maria Verônica L.; Lima, Helena R.P.

 ·  Ability of Allium cepa L. root tips and Tradescantia pallida var. purpurea in N-nitrosodiethylamine genotoxicity and mutagenicity evaluation
Rainho, Claudia R. de; Kaezer, Andréa; Aiub, Claudia A.F.; Felzenszwalb, Israel

 ·  The central role of RNA in the genetic programming of complex organisms
Mattick, John S.

 Ciências Biomédicas e Médicas
 ·  Cloning, expression, and analysis of the group 2 allergen from Dermatophagoides farinae from China
Yu-bao, Cui; Zhou, Ying; Weihong, Shi; Guifang, Ma; Yang, Li; Yungang, Wang

 ·  Endoscopic and symptoms analysis in Mexican patients with irritable Bowel syndrome, dyspepsia, and gastroesophageal reflux disease
Camacho, Santiago; Bernal, Fernando; Abdo, Miguel; Awad, Richard A.

 Ciências da Terra
 ·  Spatial changes in the water quality of Itajaí-Açú Fluvial-Estuarine System, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Pereira-Filho, Jurandir; Rörig, Leonardo R.; Schettini, Carlos A.F.; Soppa, Mariana A.; Santana, Bruno L.; Santos, José Eduardo dos

 ·  Population structure of the gomphothere Stegomastodon waringi (Mammalia: Proboscidea: Gomphotheriidae) from the Pleistocene of Brazil
Mothé, Dimila; Avilla, Leonardo S.; Winck, Gisele R.

 ·  The role of backstop shape during inversion tectonics physical models
Gomes, Caroline J.S.; Danderfer Filho, André; Posada, Ana Maria A.; Silva, Anielle C. da

 ·  Superficial distribution of aromatic compounds and geomicrobiology of sediments from Suruí Mangrove, Guanabara Bay, RJ, Brazil
Fontana, Luiz F.; Silva, Frederico S. da; Figueiredo, Natália G. de; Brum, Daniel M.; Netto, Annibal D. Pereira; Gigueiredo Junior, Alberto G. de; Crapez, Mirian A.C.

 ·  Sedimentation processes and beach morphodynamics active at the Doce River mouth, Espírito Santo State, Brazil
Albino, Jacqueline; Suguio, Kenitiro

 ·  New long-tailed pterosaurs (Wukongopteridae) from western Liaoning, China
Wang, Xiaolin; Kellner, Alexander W.A.; Jiang, Shunxing; Cheng, Xin; Meng, Xi; Rodrigues, Taissa

 ·  Comments on the Pteranodontidae (Pterosauria, Pterodactyloidea) with the description of two new species
Kellner, Alexander W.A.

 Ciências Agrárias
 ·  Fertility and acidity status of latossolos (oxisols) under pasture in the Brazilian Cerrado
Vendrame, Pedro R.S.; Brito, Osmar R.; Guimarães, Maria F.; Martins, Éder S.; Becquer, Thierry

 ·  Rapid assessment methods of resilience for natural and agricultural systems
Torrico, Juan C.; Janssens, Marc J.J.

 ·  Richards growth model and viability indicators for populations subject to interventions
Loibel, Selene; Andrade, Marinho G.; Val, João B.R. do; Freitas, Alfredo R. de

 ·  Genetic diversity of the sunflower caterpillar (Chlosyne lacinia saundersii Doubleday and Hewitson) (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae) populations determined by molecular RAPD markers
Cunha, Fabiane; Gómez, Daniel R. Sosa; Silva, Jose J. da; Alexandre, Talita M.; Moscardi, Flávio

 ·  Efficiency of boron application in an Oxisol cultivated with banana in the Central Amazon
Moreira, Adônis; Castro, César de; Fageria, Nand K.