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Table of contents
Bragantia vol.18 no.unico Campinas  1959

Recent tests for comparison of means
Conagin, A.

Determination of number of replications in the planning of experiments
Conagin, Armando

Grape juice fermentation with pure culture of native wine yeasts
Toledo, Odette Zardetto de; Teixeira, Cybo G.

Depth of planting for the irish potato
Boock, O. J.

Fruit development in wild species of peanut
Conagin, Cândida H. T. Mendes

Wine fermentation: the blending of grape varieties to improve wine quality
Toledo, Odette Zardetto de; Teixeira, Cyro G.

Fertilizer experiments with castor beans II: plant density x fertility level
Canecchio Filho, Vicente; Freire, E. S.

On the need of using guard rows in varietal trials
Arruda, Hermano Vaz de

Grape juice fermentation: influence of the fermentation procedure on the volatile acidity of the wine
Toledo, Odette Zardetto de; Teixeira, Cyro G.

Terrace spacing for annual crops based on soil losses and runoff data
Bertoni, José

Notes on the budding of the rubber tree
Mendes, Luiz O. T.

Nitrogen fertilizers for corn
Arruda, Hermano Vaz de

Determination op infiltration rates from rainfall and runoff records
Bertoni, José

Fertilizer experiments with cotton VI: phosphorus rates of application
Ramos, Ismar; Neves, O. S.; Freire, E. S.

Hygroscopic equilibrium of cofee, tobacco, and vegetable seeds
Bacchi, Oswaldo

Treating irish potato tubers with sprout inhibiting products
Boock, 0. J.

The rooting of cuttings of the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis)
Mendes, Luiz O. T.

Interval between insecticide treatments
Mendes, Luiz O. T.

Auto-incompatibilidade em Coffea Dewevrei de wild. et th. dur.
Medina, Dixier M.; Conagin, C. H. T. Mendes

Fertilizer experiments with cotton VII: trials with various phosphorus fertilizers (1st. .series)
Neves, O. S.; Freire, E.S.

Dithiocarbamates for the control of sweet orange scab
Moreira, Sylvio; Salibe, Ary A.

Influence of fertilizers and soil fumigation on the nematode incidence of potato tubers
Boock, O. J.

Study of the root system of Vetiver
Inforzato, Romeu; Pinto, A. J. D'Andréa

Coffee breeding XVI: effects of the successive selfings ox the bourbon coffee
Carvalho, A.; Antunes Filho, H.

Genetics of Coffea XXIV - Mutants of Coffea arabica from ethiopia
Carvalho, Alcides

Coffee breeding XV: variability observed in coffee progenies
Carvalho, A.; Mônaco, L. C.; Antunes Filho, H.

Somatic mutations of the niagara grape in Brazil
Sousa, J. S. Inglez de

Observations ox the latex production of seedlings of rubber trees
Mendes, Luiz O. T.

The effect of the exclusion of pollinating insects on the yield of the bourbon coffee
Nogueira - Neto, Paulo; Carvalho, A.; Antunes Filho, H.

Visual symptoms of cotton malnutrition
Mendes, Heli Camargo

Timbó improvement: I. study of a population of 235 plants of timbô" urucu - Derris urucu
Mendes, Luiz O. T.

Effect of fertilizer application in contact with cassava cuttings
Normanha, E. S.; Freire, E.S.

Powdery mildew of barbados nut
Viégas, A. P.

Square root transformation in the analysis of certain field experimental data
Arruda, Hermano Vaz de

Hybrids of Coffea and Psilanthopsis
Carvalho, A.; Mônaco, L. C.

The flexible stone described by Anchieta
Viégas, A. P.

Effect of hormones in the rooting of Camellia japonica L - var. alba plena cuttings
Souza, Hermes Moreira de; Inforzato, Romeu

Comparative efficency of balanced lattice and randomised plot designs
Arruda, Hermano Vaz de

On the rooting of cuttings of the rubber tree (hevea Brasiliensis)
Mendes, Luiz O. T.