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Engenharia Agrícola
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Eng. Agríc. vol.32 no.5 Jaboticabal sept./oct. 2012

 Scientific Papers
 ·  Characterization and use of swine deep bedding ashes in cementitious composites
Oliveira, Débora C. G. de; Rodrigues, Michelle S.; Santos, Sérgio F. dos; Savastano Junior, Holmer

 ·  Production of tomato seedlings using different substrates and trays in three protected environments
Costa, Edilson; Leal, Paulo A. M.; Benett, Cleiton G. S.; Benett, Katiane S. S.; Salamene, Luiz C. P.

 ·  Yield and quality of elephant grass biomass produced in the cerrados region for bioenergy
Flores, Rilner A.; Urquiaga, Segundo; Alves, Bruno J. R.; Collier, Leonardo S.; Boddey, Robert M.

 ·  Simulation of the energy performance of maize production integrated to pig farming
Perin, Márcio L.; Martins, Gilberto; Bueno, Osmar de C.

 ·  Soil sampling intensity and spatial distribution pattern of soils attributes and corn yield in no-tillage system
Rodrigues, Marcos S.; Corá, José E.; Fernandes, Carolina

 ·  Utilization of ground clam shells in the adsorption of phosphorus and for correction of soil acidity
Lo Monaco, Paola A. V.; Matos, Antonio T.; Eustáquio Júnior, Valdeir; Ribeiro, Ivan C. A.; Teixeira, Denis L.

 ·  Evaluation of empirical methods to estimate reference evapotranspiration in Uberaba, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil
Melo, Giovani L. de; Fernandes, André L. T.

 ·  Forms of mechanization and soil management for the potato culture I - characteristics of production
Jadoski, Sidnei O.; Saito, Larissa R.; Maggi, Marcio F.; Wagner, Marcos V.; Reffatti, Taiã N.

 ·  Operational parameters of soybean seeding in santa fe system
Chioderoli, Carlos A.; Furlani, Carlos E. A.; Aguiar, Aislan O.; Cavichioli, Fábio A.; Cassia, Marcelo T.

 ·  Linear and spatial correlations among forage yield, bulk density and total porosity in function of soil management system
Vitória, Edney L. da; Fernandes, Haroldo C.; Teixeira, Mauri M.; Cecon, Paulo R.; Lacerda, Elcio Das G.

 ·  Detection of soybean planted areas through orbital images based on culture spectral dynamics
Mercante, Erivelto; Lima, Luiz E. P. de; Justina, Diego D. D.; Uribe-Opazo, Miguel A.; Lamparelli, Rubens A. C.

 ·  Comparison between hydrographically conditioned digital elevation models in the morphometric charaterization of watersheds
Guedes, Hugo A. S.; Silva, Demetrius D. da

 ·  Analysis of land use and occupancy in permanent preservation areas according to the hydrography of Ribeirão Água Fria - Bofete, SP - Brazil
Nardini, Rafael C.; Campos, Sérgio; Gomes, Luciano N.; Moreira, Katiuscia F.; Piza, Mariana W. de T.

 ·  Tabular cusum control charts of chemical variables applied to the control of surface water quality
Follador, Franciele A. C.; Boas, Márcio A. Vilas; Schoenhals, Marlise; Hermes, Eliane; Rech, Clovis

 ·  Assessment of the composting of poultry carcasses by bin methods and aerated static piles
Paiva, Ed Carlo R.; Matos, Antonio T. de; Azevedo, Mônica A.; Barros, Renata T. P. de; Costa, Tatiana D. R.

 Technical Papers
 ·  Use of numerical tools in the evaluation of the longitudinal modulus of elasticity in round timber beams
Christoforo, André L.; Zangiácomo, André L.; Panzera, Túlio H.; Silveira, Márcio E.; Lahr, Francisco A. R.

 ·  Comparison of metering mechanisms of corn seed
Weirich Neto, Pedro H.; Justino, Altair; Namur, Rodrigo T.; Domingues, José; Garcia, Luiz C.

 ·  Water treatment by multistage filtration system with natural coagulant from Moringa oleifera seeds
Franco, Monalisa; Silva, Gabriela K. e; Paterniani, José E. S.