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Planta Daninha
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Table of contents
Planta daninha vol.26 no.3 Viçosa  2008

 ·  Dynamics of the aquatic macrophytecommunity in the Santana reservoir in Pirai-RJ
Pitelli, R.L.C.M.; Toffaneli, C.M.; Vieira, E.A.; Pitelli, R.A.; Velini, E.D.

 ·  Egeria densa biomass in the Paulo Afonso-Bahia hydroelectric plant
Nascimento, P.R.F.; Pereira, S.M.B.; Sampaio, E.V.S.B.

 ·  Morphological analysis of Sagittaria montevidensis developed under different flooding conditions
Cassol, B.; Agostinetto, D.; Mariath, J.E.A.

 ·  Seed germination and dormancy of red rice ecotypes
Schwanke, A.M.L.; Andres, A.; Noldin, J.A.; Concenço, G.; Procópio, S.O.

 ·  Effect of light and temperature on Alternathera tenella, Conyza bonariensis and Digitaria ciliaris germination
Vivian, R.; Gomes JR., F.G.; Chamma, H.M.C.P.; Silva, A.A.; Fagan, E.B.; Ruiz, S.T.

 ·  Viability analysis of Euphorbia heterophylla seeds
Aarestrup, J.R.; Karam, D.; Corrêa, E.J.A.; Fernandes, G.W.

 ·  Seed bank and abovegroud weed
Isaac, R.A.; Guimarães, S.C.

 ·  Allelopathic activity of chemical substances isolated from Brachiaria brizantha cv. Marandu and their variations in function of pH
Santos, L.S.; Santos, J.C.L.; Souza Filho, A.P.S.; Corrêa, M.J.C.; Veiga, T.A.M.; Freitas, V.C.M.; Ferreira, I.C.S.; Gonçalves, N.S.; Silva, C.E.; Guilhon, G.M.S.P.

 ·  Herbicide potential of the biomass and chemical compounds produced by the fungus Pestalotiopsis guepinii
Santos, L.S.; Oliveira, M.N.; Guilhon, G.M.S.P.; Santos, A.S.; Ferreira, I.C.S.; Lopes-Júnior, M.L.; Arruda, M.S.P.; Sailva, M.N.; Souza Filho, A.P.S.; Rodrigues-Filho, E.; Oliveira, M.C.F

 ·  Weed plant infestation patterns in raw sugarcane agricultural systems
Kuva, M.A.; Ferraudo, A.S.; Pitelli, R.A.; Alves, P.L.C.A.; Salgado, T.P.

 ·  Influence of the spatial distribution of maize and Brachiaria brizantha intercropping on the weed population under no-tillage
Borghi, E.; Costa, N.V.; Crusciol, C.A.C.; Mateus, G.P.

 ·  Different winter soil uses and their relation with weed infestation in maize (Zea mays) in succession
Balbinot JR., A.A.; Moraes, A.; Pelissari, A.; Dieckow, J.; Veiga, M.

 ·  Growth and mineral nutrition of Ipomoea nil roth
Duarte, D. J.; Bianco, S.; Melo, M. N.; Carvalho, L.B.

 ·  Weed control under integrated nutrient management systems in faba bean (Vicia faba) production in Egypt
El-Metwally, I.M.; Abdelhamid, M.T.

 ·  Photosynthesis of ryegrass biotypes under different competition levels
Concenço, G.; Ferreira, E.A.; Silva, A.A.; Ferreira, F.A.; Galon, L.; Reis, M.R.; d'Antonino, L.; Vargas, L.; Silva, L.V.B.D.

 ·  Influence of Eleusine coracana cultivation period on phytoremediation of soil contaminated with picloram
Carmo, M.L.; Procopio, S.O.; Pires, F.R.; Cargnelutti Filho, A.; Braz, G.B.P.; Silva, W.F.P.; Barroso, A.L.L.; Silva, G.P.; Carmo, E.L.; Braz, A.J.B.P.; Pacheco, L.P.

 ·  Selectivity of glyphosate formulations applied on immature stages of Trichogramma Pretiosum
Nörnberg, S.D.; Grützmacher, A.D.; Giolo, F.P.; Júnior, G.J.E.; Lima, C.A.B.; Grützmacher, D.D.

 ·  GR glycine max nodulation and growth under glyphosate, fluazifop-p-butyl and fomesafen aplication
Dvoranen, E.C.; Oliveira Jr., R.S.; Constantin, J.; Cavalieri, S.D.; Blainski, E.

 ·  Influence of glyphosate on Brachiaria decumbens desiccation and on the initial development of corn
Constantin, J.; Machado, M.H.; Cavalieri, S.D.; Oliveira Jr., R.S.; Rios, F.A.; Roso, A.C.

 ·  Glyphosate translocation in hairy fleabane (Conyza bonariensis) biotypes
Ferreira, E.A.; Galon, L.; Aspiazú, I.; Silva, A.A.; Concenço, G.; Silva, A.F.; Oliveira, J.A.; Vargas, L.

 ·  Selectivity of Salvia splendens to oxyfluorfen applied to rice straw
Pivetta, K.F.L.; Rosa, C.S.; Pitelli, R.A.; Coan, R.M.

 ·  Efficacy of diclosulam associated with Sorghum bicolor moench mulch in controlling Ipomoea grandifolia and Sida rhombifolia
Carbonari, C.A.; Meschede, D.K.; Correa, M.R.; Velini, E.D.; Tofoli, G.R.

 ·  Efficiency and selectivity of trifloxysulfuron sodium + ametryne and hexazinone + diuron herbicide as a result of application technology and mechanical management of sugarcane straw in the crop row
Maciel, C.D.G.; Velini, E.D.; Constantin, J.; Jardim, C.E.; Bernardo, R.S.; Fonseca, P.P.M.; Barela, J.D.; Oliveira, J.S.

 ·  Drift simulation of glyphosate commercial formulations on yellow passion fruit growth
Wagner Júnior, A.; Tuffi Santos, L.D.; Santos, C.E.M.; Silva, J.O.C.; Pimentel, L.D.; Bruckner, C.H.; Ferreira, F.A.

 ·  Ametryn + clomazone, diuron + hexazinone, and isoxaflutole leaching in two types of soil
Monquero, P.A.; Binha, D.P.; Amaral, L.R.; Silva, P.V.; Silva, A.C.; Inacio, E.M.

 Literature Review
 ·  Weed seed dormancy as a survival mechanism: brief review
Vivian, R.; Silva, A.A.; Gimenes, Jr., M.; Fagan, E.B.; Ruiz, S.T.; Labonia, V.