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Planta Daninha
On-line version ISSN 1806-9681


Table of contents
Planta daninha vol.27 no.spe Viçosa Dec. 2009

 ·  Aquatic plant infestation assessment in Porto Primavera reservoir before final filling
Martins, D; Pitelli, R.A; Tomazella, M.S; Tanaka, R.H; Rodrigues, A.C.P

 ·  Allelopathic effects of Eucalyptus citriodora on amaryllis and associated grassy weed
El-Rokiek, K.G; Eid, R.A

 ·  Impact of black nightshade on tomato plant production and mathematical model fitness
Portugal, J.M; Moreira, I

 ·  Weed interference on carrot crop (Daucus carota)
Coelho, M; Bianco, S; Carvalho, L.B

 ·  Emergence of Convolvulaceae family species influenced by sowing depth in the soil and sugarcane straw cover
Labonia, V.D.S; Carvalho, S.J.P; Mondo, V.H.V; Chiovato, M.G; Victoria Filho, R

 ·  Germination of small bengal dayflower (Commelina benghalensis) aerial seeds
Dias, A.C.R; Carvalho, S.J.P; Brancalion, P.H.S; Novembre, A.D.L.C; Christoffoleti, P.J

 ·  Determination of the leaf area of Merremia aegyptia
Bianco, S; Carvalho, L.B; Panosso, A.R; Bianco, M.S

 ·  Growth and yield of corn grain and green ear in competition with weeds
Silva, P.S.L; Damasceno, A.P.A.B; Silva, K.M.B; Oliveira, O.F; Queiroga, R.C.F

 ·  Associated use and relative contributions of at genotypes and management practices to crop competitivity against concurrent plants
Schaedler, C.E; Fleck, N.G; Agostinetto, D; Rigoli, R.P; Dal magro, T; Tironi, S.P

Planting density of gliricidia when intercropped with corn for weed control
Linhares, E.L.R; Silva, P.S.L; Oliveira, O.F; Oliveira, F.H.T; Torres, S.B

 ·  Mycorrhizal colonization and acid phosphatase activity in the rhizosphere of sugarcane cultivars after herbicide application
Reis, M.R; Tironi, S.P; Costa, M.D; Silva, M.C.S; Ferreira, E.A; Belo, A.F; Barbosa, M.H.P; Silva, A.A

 ·  Microwave-assisted solvent extraction and analysis of shikimic acid from plant tissues
Matallo, M.B; Almeida, S.D.B; Cerdeira, A.L; Franco, D.A; Blanco, F.M.G; Menezes, P.T.C; Luchini, L.C; Moura, M.A.M; Duke, S.O

 ·  Effect of herbicides on soil microbial activity
Tironi, S.P; Belo, A.F; Fialho, C.M.T; Galon, L; Ferreira, E.A; Silva, A.A; Costa, M.D; Barbosa, M.H.P

 ·  Corn (Zea mays) as bioindicator of the residual activity of (imazethapyr+imazapic)
Pinto, J.J.O; Noldin, J.A; Machado, A; Pinho, C.F; Rosenthal, M.D; Donida, A; Galon, L; Durigan, M

 ·  Field persistence of (imazethapyr+imazapic) to grain sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) planted in rotation after irrigated rice
Pinto, J.J.O; Noldin, J.A; Pinho, C.F; Rossi, F; Galon, L; Almeida, G.F

 ·  Effects of dissection with glyphosate and chlorimuron-ethyl on weed community and soybean yield
Carvalho, L.B; Scherer, L.C; Lucio, F.R; Alves, P.L.C.A

 ·  Efficacy of herbicides applied in post emergence on conventional and transgenic soybean
Corrêa, M.J.P; Alves, P.L.C.A

 ·  Red rice (Oryza sativa) resistant to the herbicides imidazolinones
Menezes, V.G; Mariot, C.H.P; Kalsing, A; Goulart, I.C.G.R

 ·  Impact of herbicides on the microbial biomass and orthophosphate-solubilizing microrganisms in rhizosferic soil grown with sugarcane
Tironi, S.P; Reis, M.R; Silva, A.F; Ferreira, E.A; Barbosa, M.H.P; Costa, M.D; Silva, A.A; Galon, L

 ·  Resistance of soybean genotypes to glyphosate
Matsuo, E; Sediyama, T; Cruz, C.D; Silva, A.A; Oliveira, R.C.T; Nogueira, A.P.O; Tancredi, F.D

 ·  Morphophysiological characteristics of Euphorbia heterophylla biotypes resistant to different herbicide action mechanisms
Trezzi, M.M; Portes, E.D.S; Silva, H.L; Gustman, M.S; Da Silva, R.P; Franchin, E

 ·  Herbicide selectivity to sugarcane genotypes
Galon, L; Ferreira, F.A; Ferreira, E.A; Silva, A.A; Silva, A.F; Aspiazú, I; Concenço, G; Fialho, C.M.T; Santos, E.A; Tironi, S.P; Barbosa, M.H.P

 ·  Phytotoxicity of herbicides to different popcorn cultivars
Freitas, S.P; Moreira, J.G; Freitas, I.L.J; Freitas Júnior, S.P; Amaral Júnior, A.T; Silva, V.Q.R

 ·  Effect of simulated glyphosate drift on the initial growth of physic nut plants
Costa, N.V; Erasmo, E.A.L; Queiroz, P.A; Dornelas, D.F; Dornelas, B.F

 ·  Selectivity of oxyfluorfen for physic nut culture
Gonçalves, K.S; São José, A.R; Velini, E.D