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Table of contents
Trans/Form/Ação vol.34 no.2 Marília  2011

Palavra do Editor

The Deleuzian critique to the primacy of identity on Aristotle and Plato
Fornazari, Sandro Kobol

Happiness as Imagination's Ideal
Ferrer, Soledad García

Kant and the ransom of the good in the fallen human nature
Pinheiro, Letícia Machado

The individual and the collective: on approximations between the thinking of Freud and Marx
Granúzzio, Patrícia Magri; Ceribelli, Renata de Fátima

A Fenomenologia como retorno à ontologia em Martin Heidegger
Zuben, Newton Aquiles von

A rational reconstruction of the research program of neoclassical rationalism: the subprogrammes of conventionalism/pragmatism (Poincaré) and of convergent structural realism (Duhem)
Chiappin, José Raimundo Novaes; Leister, Ana Carolina

Putting the horse before the cart: a pragmatist analysis of knowledge
Augusto, Luís M.

Possibilities and limits of healing in the proto-archaelogical texts of Michel Foucault
Nalli, Marcos

Ecatology à la cantonade: Althusser beyond Derrida
Morfino, Vittorio

(Re)describing Foucault: with Rorty, against Rorty
Almeida, Felipe Quintão de; Vaz, Alexandre Fernandez

Paranoia as social catastrophe: on the problem of the genesis of clinical concepts
Safatle, Vladimir

 ·  The experience of art
Bagolin, Luiz Armando