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Revista Brasileira de Ciências do Esporte
On-line version ISSN 2179-3255


Table of contents
Rev. Bras. Ciênc. Esporte vol.34 no.2 Porto Alegre Apr./June 2012

 ·  A profissionalização
Vaz, Alexandre Fernandez; Almeida, Felipe Quintão de; Bassani, Jaison José

 ·  Children's leisure in Uberaba, a district of Curitiba: the dialectic between leisure areas and urban problems in the periphery
Tschoke, Aline; Rechia, Simone

 ·  Incentive to high performance sport as public policy: reciprocal influences between city and sport
Borges, Carlos Nazareno Ferreira; Tonini, Grece Teles

 ·  Exploratory approximations between Antonio Gramsci and sport
Duarte, Fabrício Luís

 ·  Playing at school: relation between leisure and media in children's universe
Siqueira, Isabelle Borges; Wiggers, Ingrid Dittrich; Souza, Valéria Pereira de

 ·  Physical education in Early Childhood Education and the basic training curriculum
Lacerda, Cristiane Guimarães de; Costa, Martha Benevides da

 ·  Physical education and school: disciplinary machinery, biopolitics and gendering
Moraes e Silva, Marcelo

 ·  "Labor in the garb of youthful mirth": gymnastics according to Johann Christoph Friedrich Guts Muths
Quitzau, Evelise Amgarten

 ·  The reflexivity in the identity discourses of Capoeira
Almeida, Juliana Azevedo de; Tavares, Otávio; Soares, Antonio Jorge Gonçalves

 ·  Effect of taking the first ball possession on score during the 2003 and 2007 Water polo World Championships
Argudo Iturriaga, Francisco Manuel; Arias Estero, José Luis; Ruiz Lara, Encarnación

 ·  Butterfly stroke coordination: a pilot study about effects on speed and on inspiratory actions
Silveira, Ricardo Peterson; Moré, Felipe Collares; Castro, Flávio Antônio de Souza; Mota, Carlos Bolli

 ·  Incidence time of goals in the Brazilian Championship 2008
Souza, Esdras Lúcio Novaes de; Farah, Breno Quintella; Dias, Raphael Mendes Ritti

 ·  Level of physical activity and perceived barriers to practice physical activities among military police
Jesus, Gilmar Mercês de; Jesus, Éric Fernando Almeida de

 ·  Evaluation of body image in physical education teachers working in the fitness market of the city of Rio de Janeiro
Vilhena, Lígia Martins; Santos, Tony Meireles; Palma, Alexandre; Murão, Ludmila

 ·  Effect of caffeine ingestion on different reaction time tasks
Aguiar, Rafael Alves de; Turnes, Tiago; Cardoso, Thiago Elpídio; Vasconcellos, Diego Itibere Cunha; Caputo, Fabrizio

 ·  Does learning cues help children with DCD on the acquisition of a complex motor skill?
Papst, Josiane Medina; Ladewig, Iverson; Rodacki, André Félix; Marques, Inara

 Review Articles
 ·  Characterization of exercises and methods of practical influence in training of professional soccer players
Braz, Tiago Volpi; Spigolon, Leandro Mateus Pagoto; Borin, João Paulo

 ·  Review of the book "Physical activity, health and quality of life: concepts and suggestions for an active lifestyle", by Markus Vinicius Nahas
Barbosa, Rita Maria dos Santos Puga