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Educação & Sociedade
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Table of contents
Educ. Soc. vol.33 no.119 Campinas Apr./June 2012

 Dossier: "Public policies accountability in education"
 ·  Apresentação
Freitas, Luiz Carlos de

 ·  Educational responsibility: different conceptions and imminent risks to the right to education
Ximenes, Salomão Barros

 ·  Corporate reformers of education: from demoralisation of the teaching to destruction of the public education system
Freitas, Luiz Carlos de

 ·  NCLB's lost decade for educational progress: what can we learn from this policy failure?
Guisbond, Lisa; Neill, Monty; Schaeffer, Bob

 ·  Challenging corporate school reform... and ten hopeful signs of resistance
Karp, Stan

 ·  Educational evaluation and models of value added: topics for reflection
Ferrão, Maria Eugénia

 ·  To an alternative approach of accountability on education
Afonso, Almerindo Janela

 ·  Epistemological ethical implications of trading in the process of institutional participatory evaluation
Sordi, Mara Regina Lemes De

 ·  Political participation and learning in participative budget: a case study in a commune of Santa Catarina, Brazil
Luchmann, Lígia Helena Hahn

 ·  Partnerships between local governments and the private sector on educational policy: expression of symbiosis?
Adrião, Theresa; Garcia, Teise; Borghi, Raquel; Arelaro, Lisete

 ·  Influence of the central power on the educational planning of Recife Metropolitan Region
Azevedo, Janete Maria Lins de; Santos, Ana Lúcia Felix dos

 Reviews and Synthesis
 ·  Pedagogy of alterity: teaching as a condition of knowledge critical and ethical in Levinas
Alves, Marcos Alexandre; Ghiggi, Gomercindo

 Pedagogical Practice Analysis
 ·  Effects of multicultural politics in education
Botler, Alice Miriam Happ

 Discussion and Polemics
 ·  Dialogue in processes of environmental education of public politics in Brazil
Andrade, Daniel Fonseca de; Luca, Andréa Quirino de; Sorrentino, Marcos

 Images and Words
 ·  Entrevista com o prof. Antonio Nóvoa
Santos, Lucíola Licínio de C. P.

 ·  Vida e morte do grande sistema escolar americano: como os testes padronizados e o modelo de mercado ameaçam a educação
Oliveira, Sara Badra de; Menegão, Rita de Cássia Silva Godoi