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Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society
On-line version ISSN 1678-4790


Special Issue in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Brazilian Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Association (AUREMN)

Table of contents
J. Braz. Chem. Soc. vol.10 no.4 São Paulo July/Aug. 1999

Menezes, Sonia Maria Cabral de

 ·  Selected topics from recent NMR studies of organolithium compounds
Günther, Harald

 ·  Multiple - quantum magic - angle spinning NMR: a new technique for probing quadrupolar nuclei in solids
Medek, Ales; Frydman, Lucio

 ·  Further dihydrochalcones from Crotolaria ramosissima
Kumar, J.K.; Narender, T.; Rao, M.S.; Rao, P.S.; Tóth, G.; Balázs, B.; Duddeck, H.

 ·  Determination of correlation times from selective and non-selective spin-lattice relaxation rates and their use in drug-drug and drug-albumin interaction studies
Tinoco, Luzineide Wanderley; Figueroa-Villar, José Daniel

 ·  Structural and electronic information on two solid iminophosphoranes, obtained from NMR
Cherryman, Julian C.; Harris, Robin K.; Davidson, Matthew G.; Price, Richard D.

 ·  Limitations in determining enantiomeric excess of alcohols by 31P-NMR of the phosphonate derivatives
Laverde Jr., Antonio; Miranda, Domingos S. de; Conceição, Gelson J.A. da; Schirmer, Heiko; Pilli, Ronaldo A.; Meijere, Armin de; Marsaioli, Anita J.

 ·  129Xe-NMR of carbon black filled elastomers
Sperling-Ischinsky, K.; Veeman, W.S.

 ·  NMR and MRI obtained with high transition temperature dc SQUIDs
Souza, R.E. de; Schlenga, K.; Wong-Foy, A.; McDermott, R.; Pines, A.; Clarke, John

 ·  Direct one step preparation and 13C-NMR spectroscopic characterization of a-ferrocenyl carbocations derived from ferrocene and carbonyl compounds in trifluoroacetic acid medium1a
Prakash, G.K. Surya; Buchholz, Herwig A.; Vaughan, Julian F.S.; Wang, Qi; Olah, George. A.

 ·  The use of 13C and 1H-NMR in the structural elucidation of a new Nor-lupane triterpene
Junges, Mário J.; Fernandes, João B.; Vieira, Paulo C.; Silva, Maria Fátima das G. Fernandes da; Rodrigues Filho, Edson

 ·  Oxygen-17-induced proton relaxation rates for alcohols and alcohol solutions
Farrar, Thomas C.; Wendt, Mark A.; Zeidler, M.D.

 ·  Identification of isomers of alkylaminophenylethanethiosulfuric acids by 13C-NMR calculations using a C-13 chemical shift user database and 2D NMR techniques
Moreira, Liliani Salum Alves; Nelson, David Lee; Binatti, Ildefonso; Porto, Lia de Mendonça; Piló-Veloso, Dorila

 ·  Regioselective binding of spermine, N1,N12-bismethylspermine, and N1,N12-bisethylspermine to tRNAPhe as revealed by 750 MHz 1H-NMR and its possible correlation with cell cycling and cytotoxicity
Frydman, Benjamin; Westler, William M.; Valasinas, Aldonia; Kramer, Debora L.; Porter, Carl W.

 ·  Skeletal and chlorine effects on 13C-NMR chemical shifts of chlorinated polycyclic systems
Costa, V.E.U.; Alifantes, J.; Axt, M.; Mollmann, M.E.S.; Seidl, P.R.