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Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society
versión On-line ISSN 1678-4790


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J. Braz. Chem. Soc. v.14 n.1 São Paulo ene./feb. 2003

Pinto, Angelo C.; Andrade, Jailson B. de

 ·  Electronic interactions in [Ru3(m3-R2 CCC6H4-4-R1)(m -dppm)(m-CO) (CO)7] (R1 = NO2 and R2 = Fc; R1 = NO2, CN and R2 = Ph)
Rosseto, Renato; Torres, José C.; Stein, Edison; Vargas, Maria D.

 ·  Synthesis of new indolecarboxylic acids related to the plant hormone indoleacetic acid IAA
Rosa, Flávia A. F. da; Rebelo, Ricardo A.; Nascimento, Maria G.

 ·  Macrocarpane, a new sesquiterpene skeleton from the leaves of Porcelia macrocarpa
Chaves, Mariana H.; Lago, João Henrique G.; Roque, Nídia F.

 ·  Molecular graphics-structural and molecular graphics descriptors in a QSAR study of 17-a-acetoxyprogesterones
Kiralj, Rudolf; Ferreira, Márcia M. C.

 ·  Reductive decarboxylation of bicyclic prolinic systems: a new approach to the enantioselective synthesis of the Geissman-Waiss lactone. X-ray structure determination of a key lactone intermediate
Ambrósio, João Carlos L.; Santos, Regina Helena de A.; Correia, Carlos R. D.

 ·  Vermicompost as a natural adsorbent material: characterization and potentialities for cadmium adsorption
Pereira, Madson G.; Arruda, Marco A. Z.

 ·  New ester and furocoumarins from the roots of Pituranthos tortuosus
Abdel-Kader, Maged S.

 ·  Electrosynthesized polyaniline for the corrosion protection of aluminum alloy 2024-T3
Huerta-Vilca, Domingo; Moraes, Sandra R.; Motheo, Artur J.

 ·  Use of a mixing chamber for sample preparation and multiple collection in sequential injection analysis: determination of sulfate in wines
Silva, Helena R.; Segundo, Marcela A.; Rangel, António O. S. S.

 ·  The galvanostatic oxidation of aldehydes to acids on Ti/Ru0.3Ti0.7O2 electrodes using a filter-press cell
Malpass, Geoffroy R. P.; Motheo, Artur J.

 ·  Synthesis and characterization of [(CO)4FeL-L] and [(CO)4FeL-LFe(CO)4] wherein L-L is N(CH2CH2)3N and also P(NMeNMe)3P in the latter complex: single crystal X-ray molecular structure of [Fe(CO)4DABCO]
Matos, Robson M.; Verkade, John G.

 ·  A study of the elemental reactions involved in the initiation of the polymerization of tetrahydrofuran induced by the photosensitization of a triphenylsulphonium salt by perylene
Neumann, Miguel G.; Rodrigues, Maira R.

 ·  Elucidation of the stereochemistry of diterpene derivatives obtained by palladium catalyzed oxidative coupling-oxidation of camphene
Gusevskaya, Elena V.; Silva, Marcio J. da

 ·  Analysis of hysteresis phenomenon as observed from voltammetric data of conducting polymers: part I
Matencio, Tulio; Pernaut, Jean Michel; Vieil, Eric

 ·  A preliminary investigation of the polar lipids in recent tropical sediments from aquatic environments at Campos dos Goytacazes, Brazil
Azevedo, Débora de A.

 ·  Reaction of acyclic enaminones with methoxymethylene meldrum's acid: synthetic and structural implications
Cunha, Silvio; Silva, Viviane C. da; Napolitano, Hamilton B.; Lariucci, Carlito; Vencato, Ivo

 ·  Electroanalytical determination of the herbicide picloram in natural waters by square wave voltammetry
Massaroppi, Marli R. C.; Machado, Sergio A. S.; Avaca, Luis A.

 ·  Cassane diterpenes from Plathymenia reticulata
Leal, Rosélia de S.; Lima, Mary Anne S.; Silveira, Edilberto R.

 Short Reports
 ·  A new isopimarane diterpenoid from Vellozia pusilla pohl (velloziaceae)
Dantas, Ana Letícia A.; Valente, Ligia Maria M.; Pinto, Angelo C.

 ·  Comparative study of two spectrophotometric reagents for catechol analysis in guaraná seeds powder
Magna, Adriana; Salomão, Acácia A.; Vila, Marta M. D. C.; Tubino, Matthieu

 ·  New spectral data of some flavonoids from Deguelia hatschbachii A.M.G. Azevedo
Magalhães, Aderbal F.; Tozzi, Ana M. G. A.; Magalhães, Eva G.; Moraes, Valéria R. de S.

 Additions and Corrections
 ·  Collision-induced effects on the dielectric properties of liquid dimethylsulfoxide
Vechi, Sérgio M.; Skaf, Munir S.