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Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society
versão On-line ISSN 1678-4790


J. Braz. Chem. Soc. v.16 n.3a São Paulo maio/jun. 2005

Delgado, Guillermo; Torresi, Roberto M.

 ·  The role of intramolecular hydrogen bonding in the electrochemical behavior of hydroxy-quinones and in semiquinone stability
Frontana, Carlos; González, Ignacio

 ·  Analysis of trace metals Cu2+, Pb2+ and Zn2+ in coastal marine water samples from Florianópolis, Santa Catarina State, Brazil
Mello, Lígia C.; Claudino, Alessandro; Rizzatti, Ivanise; Bortoluzzi, Rodolfo L.; Zanette, Dilson R.

 ·  Electrochemical and atomic force microscopy investigations of new materials from N-trifluoromethanesulfonyl-1-azahexa-1,3,5-trienes derivatives
Rivera, Margarita; Alvarez-Toledano, Cecilio; Moreno, Abel; Sepúlveda-Sánchez, José D.; Hernández-Pérez, Tomás; Sánchez-Vergara, María E.

 ·  Characterization of conducting polyaniline blends by Resonance Raman Spectroscopy
Silva, José E. Pereira da; Temperini, Márcia L.A.; Torresi, Susana I. Córdoba de

 ·  Electrochemical performance of dispersed Pt-M (M =V, Cr and Co) nanoparticles for the oxygen reduction electrocatalysis
Lima, Fabio H. B.; Giz, M. Janete; Ticianelli, Edson A.

 ·  Bonding interactions of metal clusters [Mn (M= Cu, Ag, Au; n=1-4)] with ammonia. Are the metal clusters adequate as a model of surfaces?
Martínez, Ana

 ·  An investigation of the dispersion forces in weakly bound complexes using quantum chemical and multipole expansion methods
De Almeida, Wagner B.

 ·  Electronic effects on the reactivity of cross-conjugated carbonyl systems with Fe2(CO)9
Ortega-Alfaro, María C.; López-Cortés, José G.; Toscano, Rubén A.; Alvarez-Toledano, Cecilio

 ·  Clay and refractory materials slurries in inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry: effects of mechanochemical synthesis on emission intensities of analytes
Santos, Mirian C.; Nogueira, Ana Rita A.; Nóbrega, Joaquim A.

 ·  A convenient procedure for the synthesis of 3b-hydroxy-6-oxo-5a-steroids: aplication to the synthesis of laxogenin
Iglesias-Arteaga, Martín A.; Símuta-Lopez, Eva M.; Xochihua-Moreno, Sergio; Viñas-Bravo, Omar; Smith, Sara Montiel; Meza Reyes, Socorro; Sandoval-Ramírez, Jesús

 ·  An alternative approach to aminodiols from Baylis-Hillman adducts: stereoselective synthesis of chloramphenicol, fluoramphenicol and thiamphenicol
Mateus, Cristiano R.; Coelho, Fernando

 ·  Synthesis of 2,4-disubstituted thiophenols and solid state structures of thiocarbamate precursors
Flores-Figueroa, Aarón; Arista-M., Víctor; Talancón-Sánchez, Daniel; Castillo, Ivan

 ·  Amino acid sequence determination and chemical synthesis of CllErg1 (g-KTx1.5), a K+ channel blocker peptide isolated from the scorpion Centruroides limpidus limpidus
Coronas, Fredy I.; Balderas, Cipriano; Pardo-López, Liliana; Possani, Lourival D.; Gurrola, Georgina B.

 ·  Solid-phase organic synthesis of sensing sorbent materials for copper and lead recovery
Castillo, M.; Pina-Luis, G.; Díaz-García, M. E.; Rivero, I. A.

 ·  Supramolecular conformational effects in the electrocatalytic properties of electrostatic assembled films of meso(3- and 4-pyridyl) isomers of tetraruthenated porphyrins
Mayer, Ildemar; Eberlin, Marcos N.; Tomazela, Daniela M.; Toma, Henrique E.; Araki, Koiti

 ·  Interaction parameter (c); expansion factor (e); steric hindrance factor (s); and shielding function F(x); for the system PEA-organic solvents by intrinsic viscosity measurements
Cecopieri-Gómez, Martha L.; Palacios-Alquisira, Joaquín

 ·  New pyrone and quinoline alkaloid from Almeidea rubra and their trypanocidal activity
Ambrozin, Alessandra R. P.; Mafezoli, Jair; Vieira, Paulo C.; Fernandes, João B.; Silva, M. Fátima das G. F. da; Ellena, Javier A.; Albuquerque, Sérgio de

 ·  The solid-state and solution-state reassigned structures of tagitinin A, a 3,10-epoxy-germacrolide from Tithonia diversifolia, and the interconversion of 3,10-epoxy-germacrolide conformational families via a ring-atom flip mechanism
Glaser, Robert; García, Abraham; Chávez, María Isabel; Delgado, Guillermo

 ·  Dimeric boronates derived from the reaction of schiff bases and boronic acids
Barba, Victor; Santillan, Rosa; Farfán, Norberto

 ·  1-acetylvinyl acrylates: new captodative olefins bearing an internal probe for the evaluation of the relative reactivity of captodative against electron-deficient double bonds in Diels-Alder and Friedel-Crafts reactions
Herrera, Rafael; Jiménez-Vázquez, Hugo A.; Delgado, Francisco; Söderberg, Björn C. G.; Tamariz, Joaquín

 ·  Experimental and theoretical study of the products from the spontaneous dimerization of DL- and D-glyceraldehyde
García-Jiménez, Federico; Collera Zúñiga, Ofelia; Castells García, Yolanda; Cárdenas, Julio; Cuevas, Gabriel

 Short Report
 ·  Synthesis of 2,4-disubstituted thiazole combinatorial unit on solid-phase: microwave assisted conversion of alcohol to amine monitored by FT-IR
Antonow, Dyeison; Mahler, S. Graciela; Serra, Gloria L.; Manta, Eduardo; Eifler-Lima, Vera Lucia

 ·  Short synthesis of a new cyclopentene-1,3-dione derivative isolated from Piper carniconnectivum
Dias, Luiz C.; Shimokomaki, Simone B.; Shiota, Robson T.

 ·  A mild and efficient method for the chemoselective synthesis of acylals from aromatic aldehydes and their deprotections catalyzed by sulfated zirconia
Negrón, Guillermo E.; Palacios, Laura N.; Angeles, Deyanira; Lomas, Leticia; Gaviño, Rubén

 ·  A concise total synthesis of (R)-fluoxetine, a potent and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor
Fátima, Ângelo de; Lapis, Alexandre Augusto M.; Pilli, Ronaldo A.