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Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society
versão impressa ISSN 0103-5053


J. Braz. Chem. Soc. v.18 n.5 São Paulo  2007

 ·  A Química Brasileira sempre em alta!
Alves, Oswaldo Luiz

 ·  Chemical composition and evaluation of antibacterial and antioxidant activities of the essential oil of Croton urucurana Baillon (Euphorbiaceae) stem bark
Simionatto, Euclésio; Bonani, Vanderléa F. L.; Morel, Ademir Farias; Poppi, Nilva Ré; Raposo Júnior, Jorge Luiz; Stuker, Caroline Z.; Peruzzo, Gisele M.; Peres, Marize T. L. P.; Hess, Sônia C.

 ·  Synthesis of silica xerogels with high surface area using acetic acid as catalyst
Arenas, Leliz T.; Simm, Carolina W.; Gushikem, Yoshitaka; Dias, Silvio L. P.; Moro, Celso C.; Costa, Tania M. H.; Benvenutti, Edilson V.

 ·  Self-organizing maps in chemotaxonomic studies of Asteraceae: a classification oftribes using flavonoid data
Emerenciano, Vicente P.; Barbosa, Karina O.; Scotti, Marcus T.; Ferreira, Marcelo J.P.

 ·  Effects of bismuth vandate and anthraquinone dye on the photodegradation of polycarbonate
Saron, Clodoaldo; Felisberti, Maria Isabel; Zulli, Fabio; Giordano, Marco

 ·  Synthesis and nuclear magnetic resonance shielding effect of three triazine-linked porphyrin compounds
Wang, Kai; Fu, Shi-Tao; Zhang, Zhi; Li, Zao-Ying

 ·  Synthesis, structural and magnetic characterization of a new copper(II)-nitronyl nitroxide radical complex
Marguerite, Kalisz; Novak, Miguel A.; Pinheiro, Carlos B.; Florencio, Antonio S.; Chapuis, Gervais; Caneschi, Andrea; Vaz, Maria G. F.

 ·  Synthesis and characterization of ZnS nanotubes with crossed-channels
Chen, Yun; Wu, Qing-sheng; Ding, Ya-ping

 ·  Comparison of rural and urban atmospheric aldehydes in Londrina, Brazil
Pinto, Jurandir Pereira; Solci, Maria Cristina

 ·  Screening method for rapid determination of polychlorinated biphenyls in transformer oil by liquid-liquid extraction and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
Toledo, Carla; Valle, Luis; Narváez, Jessica; Richter, Pablo

 ·  Synthesis of b-phenylchalcogeno-a, b-unsaturated esters, ketones and nitriles using microwave and solvent-free conditions
Lenardão, Eder J.; Silva, Márcio S.; Mendes, Samuel R.; Azambuja, Francisco de; Jacob, Raquel G.; Santos, Paulo César Silva dos; Perin, Gelson

 ·  Revisiting the internal conformational dynamics and solvation properties of cyclodextrins
Pereira, Cristina S.; Moura, André F. de; Freitas, Luiz Carlos G.; Lins, Roberto D.

 ·  Continuous wavelet transform and chemometric methods for quantitative resolution of a binary mixture of quinapril and hydrochlorothiazide in tablets
Dinç, Erdal; Baleanu, Dumitru

 ·  Application of inductively coupled plasma quadrupole mass spectrometry for the determination of monazite ages by lead isotope ratios
Godoy, José Marcus; Godoy, Maria Luiza D. P.; Aronne, Cláudia C.

 ·  Phosphoric acid adsorbed on silica-ceria matrix obtained by sol-gel method: studies of local structure, texture and acid property
Pissetti, Fábio L.; Francisco, Maria Suzana P.; Landers, Richard; Gushikem, Yoshitaka

 ·  Characterization of woody odorant contributors in copaiba oil (Copaifera multijuga Hayne)
Sant'Anna, Beatriz M. P.; Fontes, Silvia Paredes; Pinto, Angelo C.; Rezende, Claudia M.

 ·  Seasonal variability in the essential oils of wild and cultivated Baccharis trimera
Silva, Fabiano G.; Oliveira, Carolina B. A.; Pinto, José Eduardo B. P.; Nascimento, Vivian E.; Santos, Suzana C.; Seraphin, José C.; Ferri, Pedro H.

 ·  Seasonal variation and antimicrobial activity of Myrcia myrtifolia essential oils
Cerqueira, Martins D. de; Souza-Neta, Lourdes C.; Passos, Maria das Graças V. M.; Lima, Edeltrudes de O.; Roque, Nídia F.; Martins, Dirceu; Guedes, Maria L. S.; Cruz, Frederico G.

 ·  Solid-phase extraction of nitro-PAH from aquatic samples and its separation by reverse-phase capillary liquid chromatography
Toledo, Marcelo; Lanças, Fernando M.; Carrilho, Emanuel

 ·  Complexes of thallium(I) and cadmium(II) with dipeptides of L-phenylalanylglycine and Glycyl-L-phenylalanine
Sharifi, Sasan; Nori-shargh, Davood; Bahadory, Azar

 ·  Assembling of xyloglucans and lectin onto si wafers and onto amino-terminated surfaces
Sierakowski, Maria Rita; Castro, Lizandra B.R.; Lucyszyn, Neoli; Petri, Denise F. S.

 ·  Microwave-assisted one-pot synthesis of symmetrical 4H-pyran-4-ones
Moghaddam, Firouz Matloubi; Bardajee, Ghasem Rezanejade; Ismaili, Hossein

 ·  Flow injection turbidimetric determination of acetylcysteine in pharmaceutical formulations using silver nitrate as precipitant reagent
Suarez, Willian T.; Vieira, Heberth J.; Fatibello-Filho, Orlando

 ·  Analysis of ortho-cresol in urine by solid phase microextraction-capillary gas chromatography
Paiva, Maria José N. de; Martins, Isarita; Siqueira, Maria Elisa P. B. de

 ·  Hydrogen peroxide assessment in exhaled breath condensate: condensing equipment-rapid flow injection chemiluminescence method
Vasiliou, Efstathios G.; Makarovska, Yaroslava M.; Pneumatikos, Ioannis A.; Lolis, Nikolaos V.; Kalogeratos, Evangelos A.; Papadakis, Emmanuel K.; Georgiou, Constantinos A.

 ·  Male-specific volatiles released by the brazilian papaya weevil, pseudopiazurus obesus: partial identification and evidence of an aggregation pheromone
Zarbin, Paulo H. G.; Moreira, Marcos A. B.; Haftmann, Jenny; Francke, Wittko; Oliveira, Alfredo R. M.

 ·  Sample optimization for rapid identification of nucleosides and bases from ascidian extracts using ESI-MS/MS
Takeara, Renata; Jimenez, Paula C.; Costa-Lotufo, Letícia V.; Lopes, João L. C.; Lopes, Norberto P.

 ·  Microwave-assisted rapid and regioselective synthesis of N-(alkoxycarbonylmethyl) nucleobases in water
Qu, Guirong; Zhang, Zhiguang; Guo, Haiming; Geng, Mingwei; Xia, Ran

 Short Reports
 ·  The reaction of (R)-limonene with S-thioacids
Mattos, Marcio C. S. de; Bernini, Rafael Berrelho

 ·  Diosgenin quantification by HPLC in a Dioscorea polygonoides tuber collection from colombian flora
Niño, Jaime; Jiménez, Diego A.; Mosquera, Oscar M.; Correa, Yaned M.

 ·  Coumarins and xanthones from the seeds of Mammea siamensis
Laphookhieo, Surat; Promnart, Phunrawie; Syers, John Keith; Kanjana-Opas, Akkharawit; Ponglimanont, Chanita; Karalai, Chatchanok

 ·  7,8b-dihydroponasterone A, a new phytoecdysteroid from the needles of the Japanese Yew, Taxus cuspidata
Shi, Qing-Wen; Dong, Mei; Huo, Chang-Hong; Su, Xiao-Hui; Li, Xing; Yamada, Teiko; Kiyota, Hiromasa