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Brazilian Journal of Physics
On-line version ISSN 1678-4448


Special Issue XXII Latin American Congress of Surface Science and its Applications

Table of contents
Braz. J. Phys. vol.36 no.3b São Paulo Sept. 2006


The Angra dos Reis Declaration

 Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Nanoscopic Systems
 ·  Transport properties of a Ga1-xMnxAs/Ga1-yAlyAs double-barrier
Ritter, C. F.; Makler, S. S.; Lima, I. C. da Cunha

 ·  Effects of disorder on the exchange coupling in (Ga,Mn)As diluted magnetic semiconductors
Silva, Antônio J. R. da; Fazzio, A.; Santos, Raimundo R. dos; Oliveira, Luiz E.

 ·  Transport properties of strongly correlated electrons in quantum dots using a simple circuit model
Martins, G. B.; Büsser, C. A.; Al-Hassanieh, K. A.; Anda, E. V.; Moreo, A.; Dagotto, E.

 ·  Kondo and Fano effect in side attached double quantum-dot molecule
Lara, Gustavo A.; Orellana, Pedro A.; Yáñez, Julio M.; Anda, Enrique V.

 ·  Electron mobility study of hot-wall CVD GaN and InN nanowires
Cimpoiasu, Elena; Stern, Eric; Cheng, Guosheng; Munden, Ryan; Sanders, Aric; Reed, Mark A.

 ·  Phonon spectra of disordered chains: an application to DNA
Gómez-Carrillo, S. C.; Fonseca, K. M.; Rey-González, R. R.

 ·  Surface phonons modes: a tool to determine the quantum dot morphology
Alcalde, Augusto M.; Ribeiro, Alessandra A.; Dantas, Noélio O.; Mendes Jr., Djalma R.; Marques, Gilmar E.; Trallero-Giner, Carlos

 ·  Excitonic emission of a triply charged quantum dot molecule in a magnetic field
Adames, M.; Camacho, A. S.

 ·  Optical properties in Biopolymers: lignin fragmen
Salazar-Valencia, P. J.; Pérez-Merchancano, S. T.; Bolívar-Marinéz, L. E.

 ·  Survival probability of surface excitations in a 2d lattice: non-Markovian effects and survival collapse
Rufeil Fiori, E.; Pastawski, H. M.

 ·  Contribution of the spin current to the damping of the magnetic moment precession of Fe impurities in Pd
Tovar Costa, M. V.; Barbosa, A. C. de Castro; Costa Jr., A. T.

 ·  Transient spin dynamics in semiconductors
Villegas-Lelovsky, L.

 ·  Electron g-factor and cyclotron effective mass in semiconductor quantum wells under growth-direction applied magnetic fields
Dios-Leyva, M. de; Porras-Montenegro, N.; Brandi, H. S.; Oliveira, L. E.

 ·  Effects of in-plane magnetic fields on the electronic cyclotron effective mass and Landé factor in GaAs-(Ga,Al)As quantum wells
Reyes-Gómez, E.; Perdomo Leiva, C. A.; Oliveira, L. E.; Dios-Leyva, M. de

 ·  Donor-related optical absorption spectra for a GaAs-Ga0.7Al0.3As double quantum well under hydrostatic pressure and applied electric field effects
Morales, A. L.; Raigoza, N.; Duque, C. A.

 ·  Electronic states in n-type GaAs delta-doped quantum wells under hydrostatic pressure
Mora-Ramos, M. E.; Duque, C. A.

 ·  DC electric field effects on the electron dynamics in double rectangular quantum dots
Ramirez, H. Y.; Camacho, A. S.; Lew Yan Voon, L. C.

 ·  Exchange energy in coupled quantum dots
Caicedo-Ortiz, H. E.; Perez-Merchancano, S. T.

 ·  Negatively charged donors in flat quantum dots
García, Luis F.; Marín, Jairo H.; Mikhailov, Ilia D.

 ·  D0 energy spectrum in In(Al)As/Ga(Al)As quasi-one-dimensional nanorings
Betancur, Javier; Gutiérrez, William; Mikhailov, Ilia D.; Paredes, Harold

 ·  Silicon adsorption in single walled nanotubes
Colussi, M. L.; Neves, L.P.; Baierle, R.J.

 ·  Effect of potential shape on the density of the impurity states in nanotube
Orozco, Eduardo A.; González, Jesús D.; Barrera, Martha L.

 ·  Inverse photoemission spectroscopy of multiwall carbon nanotubes
Hevia, Samuel; Ibáñez, Wladimir; Segura, Rodrigo; Häberle, Patricio

 ·  Magnetic field effects of double-walled carbon nanotubes
Latgé, A.; Grimm, D.; Ferreira, M. S.

 ·  Coherence of elementary excitations in disordered GaAs/AlGaAs superlattices
Pusep, Yu. A.

 ·  Evidence of the miniband formation in InGaAs/InP superlattices
Pusep, Yu. A.; Rodrigues, A. de Giovanni; Galzerani, J. C.; Comedi, D.; LaPierre, R. R.

 ·  Box model for hysteresis loops of arrays of Ni nanowires
Laroze, D.; Vargas, P.; Altbir, D.; Vázquez, M.

 ·  Effects of effective mass discontinuity on the conductance of three-dimensional quantum wires
Dacal, Luis C. O.; Silva, Erasmo A. de Andrada e

 ·  Quantum transport of electrons through a parallel-coupled triple quantum-dot molecule
Guevara, M. L. Ladrón de; Orellana, P. A.

 ·  Kondo spin splitting with slave boson
Hualde, J. M. Aguiar; Chiappe, G.; Anda, E.V.

 ·  Effect of the dot-dot interaction strength on the conductance of side-connected quantum dots
Davidovich, Maria A.; Apel, V. M.; Anda, E. V.

 ·  Phase evolution of the electronic transmission through a Kondo correlated quantum dot
Franco, R.; Silva-Valencia, J.; Figueira, M. S.

 ·  The effective charge velocity of spin-1/2 superlattices
Silva-Valencia, J.; Franco, R.; Figueira, M. S.

 ·  The role of the boundary conditions on the critical properties of superconducting rings under the action of a tranversal magnetic field
Calero, J. M.; Porras-Montenegro, N.; Granada, J. C.

 ·  Two vertically coupled quantum rings with tunneling
Castelano, L. K.; Hai, G.-Q.; Partoens, B.; Peeters, F. M.

 ·  Two electrons in vertically coupled one-dimensional rings
Marin, Jairo H.; García, Francisco; Mikhailov, Ilia D.

 ·  Hydrostatic pressure and electric-field effects on the shallow donor impurity states in GaAs-Ga0.7Al0.3As quantum-well wires
González, J. W.; Porras-Montenegro, N.; Duque, C. A.

 Surface, Interface, and Thin Films
 ·  Thin-film ZnO/CdS/CuIn1-xGaxSe2 solar cells: anomalous physical properties of the CuIn1-xGaxSe2 absorber
Persson, Clas

 ·  New physical interpretation of thermoelectric cooling in semiconductor structures
Logvinov, G. N.; Gurevich, Yu. G.; Valdés, José del Rio

 ·  Surface roughness of thin gold films and its effects on the proton energy loss straggling
Celedón, C.; Flores, M.; Häberle, P.; Valdés, J. E.

 ·  Two-photon absorption processes in semiconductor quantum dots
López Gondar, J.; Cipolatti, R.; Marques, G. E.

 ·  Dynamical phase transition in vibrational surface modes
Calvo, H. L.; Pastawski, H. M.

 ·  Study of effects of interfaces in the propagation of the energy by optical modes in coaxial cylinders
Nobre, Eloneid Felipe; Moretzsonh, Ricardo Sávio Teixeira; Vilela, Rivelino Cunha; Farias, G.A.; Almeida, N.S.

 ·  Square-gradient scattering mechanism in surface-corrugated waveguides
Izrailev, F. M.; Makarov, N. M.; Rendón, M.

 ·  Photon stimulated ion desorption of condensed CO2 at ~ 85 K studied by synchrotron radiation
Mota, Gunar V. S.; Weibel, Daniel E.; Araújo, Geovane S.; Rocco, Maria Luiza M.

 ·  Nanocrystalline GaN and GaN: H films grown by RF-magnetron sputtering
Leite, D. M. G.; Pereira, A. L. J.; Silva, L. F. da; Silva, J. H. Dias da

 ·  Electrical and morphological properties of low resistivity Mo thin films prepared by magnetron sputtering
Gordillo, G.; Mesa, F.; Calderón, C.

 ·  Adherent diamond-like carbon coatings on metals via PECVD and IBAD
Capote, Gil; Bonetti, Luís F.; Santos, Lúcia V.; Trava-Airoldi, Vladimir J.; Corat, Evaldo J.