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Revista Latino-Americana de Enfermagem
On-line version ISSN 1518-8345


Table of contents
Rev. Latino-Am. Enfermagem vol.15 no.4 Ribeirão Preto July/Aug. 2007

 ·  International networking: Brazil and Latin America conquering the international nursing scene
Mendes, Isabel Amélia Costa; Marziale, Maria Helena Palucci

 Original Articles
 ·  The meaning of the rubella vaccine for pregnant women
Ozaki, Lúcia Maria Tonzar Ristori; Shimo, Antonieta Keiko Kakuda

 ·  Puerperal infection from the perspective of humanized delivery care at a public maternity hospital
Guimarães, Elisângela Euripedes Resende; Chianca, Tânia Couto Machado; Oliveira, Adriana Cristina de

 ·  Perspectives from a home based neonatal care program in Brazil's Single Health System
Lopes, Tatiana Coelho; Mota, Joaquim Antônio César; Coelho, Suelene

 ·  A study about families of children and teenagers who were victims of violence and faced judicial intervention
Roque, Eliana Mendes de Souza Teixeira; Ferriani, Maria das Graças Carvalho

 ·  Care delivery for the child to grow up despite the pain: the family's experience
Rossato, Lisabelle Mariano; Angelo, Margareth; Silva, Clovis Artur Almeida

 ·  Categorization of postoperative pain descriptors in the sensitive, affective and evaluative dimensions of painful experiences
Pereira, Lilian Varanda; Sousa, Fátima Aparecida Emm Faleiros

 ·  Being transformed by illness: adolescents' diabetes experience
Damião, Elaine Buchhorn Cintra; Pinto, Carolina Marques Marcondes

 ·  Illness uncertainty and treatment motivation in type 2 diabetes patients
Apóstolo, João Luís Alves; Viveiros, Catarina Sofia Castro; Nunes, Helena Isabel Ribeiro; Domingues, Helena Raquel Faustino

 ·  Satisfaction of diabetes patients under follow-up in a diabetes education program
Zanetti, Maria Lúcia; Otero, Liudmila Miyar; Biaggi, Marília Voltolini; Santos, Manoel Antônio dos; Péres, Denise Siqueira; Guimarães, Fernanda Pontin de Mattos

 ·  Chronic health conditions in adults: concept analysis
Freitas, Maria Célia de; Mendes, Maria Manuela Rino

 ·  Relatives' experience of intensive care: the other side of hospitalization
Fabiane, Urizzi; Corrêa, Adriana Katia

 ·  Experiencing the situation of being with cancer: some revelations
Siqueira, Karina Machado; Barbosa, Maria Alves; Boemer, Magali Roseira

 ·  Measuring the energy spent by parturient women in fasting and in ingesting caloric replacement (HONEY)
Melo, Célia Regina Maganha e; Peraçoli, José Carlos

 ·  The power of loving humane care in nursing
Rivero, Digna Escobar; Erdmann, Alacoque Lorenzini

 ·  Hypothermia control in elderly surgical patients in the intraoperative period: evaluation of two nursing interventions
Tramontini, Cibele Cristina; Graziano, Kazuko Uchikawa

 ·  Occupational accidents involving biological material among public health workers
Chiodi, Mônica Bonagamba; Marziale, Maria Helena Palucci; Robazzi, Maria Lúcia do Carmo Cruz

 ·  Educational software for scheduling nursing personnel: elaboration, development and application through the internet
Juliani, Carmen Maria Casquel Monti; Kurcgant, Paulina

 ·  Bibliometric study on nursing theses and dissertations employing a phenomenological approach: tendency and perspectives
Merighi, Miriam Ap. Barbosa; Gonçalves, Roselane; Ferreira, Fernanda Cristina

 ·  Galveston Orientation and Amnesia Test: applicability and relation with the Glasgow Coma Scale
Silva, Silvia Cristina Fürbringer e; Sousa, Regina Marcia Cardoso de

 ·  Psychosocial rehabilitation in mental health care: strategies under construction
Pereira, Maria Alice Ornellas

 Review Articles
 ·  Family crisis in the context of bone marrow transplantation: an integrative review
Matsubara, Tatiana Camila; Carvalho, Emilia Campos de; Canini, Silvia Rita Marin da Silva; Sawada, Namie Okino

 ·  Topical iodophor use in chronic wounds: a literature review
Oliveira, Alcicléa dos Santos; Santos, Vera Lúcia Conceição de Gouveia

 ·  Maternal anxiety in the pre- and postnatal period: a literature review
Correia, Luciana Leonetti; Linhares, Maria Beatriz Martins

 Updating Articles
 ·  An overview of research designs relevant to nursing: part 2: qualitative research designs
Driessnack, Martha; Sousa, Valmi D.; Mendes, Isabel Amélia Costa

 Short Communications/Cases Accounts
 ·  Knowledge of nurses at a psychiatric hospitalization unit of a teaching hospital
Olschowsky, Agnes; Duarte, Maria de Lourdes Custódio

 ·  Reflections on the care delivered in a suspected case of infanticide
Scherer, Edson Arthur; Scherer, Zeyne Alves Pires

 ·  Development and use of digital educative objects in nursing teaching
Cogo, Ana Luísa Petersen; Pedro, Eva Néri Rubim; Silveira, Denise Tolfo; Silva, Ana Paula Scheffer Schell da; Alves, Rosa Helena Kreutz; Catalan, Vanessa Menezes