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Revista Latino-Americana de Enfermagem
On-line version ISSN 1518-8345


Table of contents
Rev. Latino-Am. Enfermagem vol.17 no.1 Ribeirão Preto Jan./Feb. 2009

 ·  The regional transnationalization of Latin American nursing
Marziale, Maria Helena Palucci

 Original Articles
 ·  Web-based simulation: a tool for teaching critical care nursing
Barbosa, Sayonara de Fatima Faria; Marin, Heimar de Fatima

 ·  Total educational costs of an integrated nursing curriculum
Bobroff, Maria Cristina Cescatto; Gordan, Pedro A.; Garanhani, Mara Lúcia

 ·  The meanings of evaluation practice in nursing education
Laluna, Maria Cristina Martinez Capel; Ferraz, Clarice Aparecida

 ·  Nurses' leadership styles in the icu: association with personal and professional profile and workload
Balsanelli, Alexandre Pazetto; Cunha, Isabel Cristina Kowal Olm; Whitaker, Iveth Yamaguchi

 ·  Variability in the complexity of patient's nursing care needs
Araújo, Vivian Brito de; Perroca, Márcia Galan; Jericó, Marli de Carvalho

 ·  Cohort study to evaluate nursing team performance in a theoretical test after training in cardiopulmonary arrest
Brião, Renata da Costa; Souza, Emiliane Nogueira de; Castro, Raquel Azevedo de; Rabelo, Eneida Rejane

 ·  Factors related to patient adherence to antidiabetic drug therapy
Gimenes, Heloisa Turcatto; Zanetti, Maria Lúcia; Haas, Vanderlei José

 ·  Nurses' work in intensive care units: feelings of suffering
Martins, Júlia Trevisan; Robazzi, Maria Lúcia do Carmo Cruz

 ·  Raising hypertensive patients' consciousness about treatment compliance
Reiners, Annelita Almeida Oliveira; Nogueira, Maria Suely

 ·  Nursing diagnoses of patients in the preoperative period of esophageal surgery
Lopes, Ana Elisa Ricci; Pompeo, Daniele Acalá; Canini, Silvia Rita Marin da Silva; Rossi, Lídia Aparecida

 ·  Not being able to live like before: the family dynamics during the experience of pediatric liver transplantation
Mendes, Ana Márcia Chiaradia; Bousso, Regina Szylit

 ·  Reading mediation as a communication resource for hospitalized children: support for the humanization of nursing care
Ceribelli, Carina; Nascimento, Lucila Castanheira; Pacífico, Soraya Maria Romano; Lima, Regina Aparecida Garcia de

 ·  Health conceptions under the perspective of lay caregiver women accompanying hospitalized children
Wegner, Wiliam; Pedro, Eva Neri Rubim

 ·  Social norms of sexual initiation among adolescents and gender relations
Borges, Ana Luiza Vilela; Nakamura, Eunice

 ·  Occupational accidents and health-related quality of life: a study in three hospitals
Monteiro, Claudia Maria; Benatti, Maria Cecília Cardoso; Rodrigues, Roberta Cunha Matheus

 ·  Definition of mammary eutrophy for women in the menacme
Matthes, Angelo do Carmo Silva; Sgrignoli, Renata Barrenha

 ·  Nursing consultation applied to hypertensive clients: application of orem's self-care theory
Manzini, Fernanda Cristina; Simonetti, Janete Pessuto

 Review Articles
 ·  Mapping injuries in traffic accident victims: a literature review
Calil, Ana Maria; Sallum, Elias Aissar; Domingues, Cristiane de Alencar; Nogueira, Lilia de Souza

 Theoretical Article
 ·  Critical discourse analysis: new possibilities for scientific research in the mental health area
Pinho, Leandro Barbosa de; Kantorski, Luciane Prado; Bañon Hernández, Antonio Miguel