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Revista de Sociologia e Política
On-line version ISSN 1678-9873


Table of contents
Rev. Sociol. Polit.  no.24 Curitiba June 2005


 Dossier Federalism
 ·  Apresentação
Arretche, Marta

 ·  Comparative federalism and decentralization: on meaning and measurement
Rodden, Jonathan

 ·  Re-centralizing the federation?
Almeida, Maria Hermínia Tavares de

 ·  Federative coordination in Brazil: the experience from the FHC administration to the challenges of the Lula governament
Abrucio, Fernando Luiz

 ·  Who taxes and who spends: the federative bargain in the Brazilian federation
Arretche, Marta

 ·  Political conflict and budgeting institutions: deepening democracy in Brazil
Schneider, Aaron

 ·  Federalism, contitutional design, and federative institutions in Brazil after 1988
Souza, Celina

 ·  Federalism, municipalities and legislative decisions: the creation of municipalities in the Rio Grande do Sul
Tomio, Fabrício Ricardo de Limas

 ·  Regional imbalances in educational financing: FUNDEF's national equity policy
Vazquez, Daniel Arias

 ·  What does state mean? Reflections on the theory of the capitalist state
Hirsch, Joachim

 ·  The third sector as executor of public policies: environmental Ngo's acting in the Bay of Guanabara (1990-2001)
Mattos, Solange Maria da Silva Nunes; Drummond, José Augusto

 ·  Political parties and gender: mediations in women's acess routes to political participation
Araújo, Clara

 ·  Theoretical considerations on the formation of a security community for Argentina, Brazil and Chile
Flemes, Daniel

 ·  Democracy's masks: notes on contemporary democratic theory in ligth of Dahl's axes
Sales, Carla V.

 Book Reviews
 ·  Desigualdade social e subcidadania no Brasil
Souza, Vanessa Aparecida de

 ·  Os muitos perfis de Jango
Garcia, Miliandre

 ·  O Irã entre o Ocidente e sua autodeterminação
Patrick, Andrew