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Anais Brasileiros de Dermatologia
On-line version ISSN 1806-4841


Table of contents
An. Bras. Dermatol. vol.78 no.1 Rio de Janeiro Jan./Feb. 2003

 ·  A new concept in dermatology
Lupi, Omar

 Continuing Medical Education - CME
 ·  Prionic disease: evaluation of the risks involved in using products of bovine origin
Lupi, Omar

 Clinical, Laboratory and Therapeutic Investigation
 ·  Basal cell carcinomas: anatomopathological and clinical study of 704 tumors
Bandeira, Aurilene Monteiro; Bandeira, Valdir; Silva, José Figueredo da; Mazza, Edmilson

 ·  Epidemiologic profile of HIV - positive patients with dermatoses in Natal/RN /Brazil
Cardoso, Fernando; Ramos, Heloísa; Lobo, Márcio

 ·  Base for the histopathological study of nail lesions
Magalhães, Geraldo Magela; Succi, Isabel Cristina Brasil; Sousa, Maria Auxiliadora Jeunon

 ·  Therapy of alopecia areata with topical corticosteroid: prospective double-blind controlled assay in children
Maia, Cláudia Pires Amaral; Fernandes, Nurimar Conceição

 Case Report
 ·  Chronic oral breathing as a risk factor for the development of actinic cheilitis
Leite, Rubens Marcelo Souza; Leite, Adriana Aragão Craveiro; Friedman, Horácio; Friedman, Isabel

 ·  Angiolymphoid hyperplasia with eosinophilia: report of two cases
Nogueira, Andreia; Accioly Filho, José Wilson; Castro, Maria Cristina Ribeiro de; Maceira, Juan Piñero; Ramos-e-Silva, Marcia

 ·  Dermatological manifestations caused by mites of the Cheyletidae family: a case report
Ezequiel, Oscarina da Silva; Gazêta, Gilberto Salles; Freire, Nicolau Maués da Serra

 ·  Goltz syndrome: report of two cases
Souza-e-Souza, Ilner de; Cunha, Paula Cristina Assef dos Santos

 Review Article
 ·  Histiocytes and non-Langerhans cell histiocytoses in dermatology
Luz, Flávio Barbosa; Gaspar, Antônio Pedro; Kalil-Gaspar, Neide; Ramos-e-Silva, Márcia

 Letter to the Editor