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Revista Brasileira de Educação
On-line version ISSN 1809-449X


Table of contents
Rev. Bras. Educ. vol.15 no.43 Rio de Janeiro Jan./Apr. 2010

 ·  Training of teachers and critical pedagogies: is it possible to go beyond redemptive narratives?
Fischman, Gustavo E.; Sales, Sandra Regina

 ·  An analysis of students' boycott of the higher education assessment exams
Leitão, Thiago; Moriconi, Gabriela; Abrão, Mariangela; Silva, Dayse

 ·  University titles, "elite" status and social position
Coradini, Odaci Luiz

 ·  On the constitution of portuguese as a curriculum subject
Pietri, Émerson de

 ·  Research groups on infancy, children and preschool education in Brazil: first approaches
Silva, Isabel de Oliveira e; Luz, Iza Rodrigues da; Faria Filho, Luciano Mendes de

 ·  Teaching about difference in children's literature: paratexts, scientific discourse and multicultural discourse
Silveira, Rosa Maria Hessel; Bonin, Iara Tatiana; Ripoll, Daniela

 ·  The banality of evil and the possibilities of moral education: Hannah Arendt's contribution
Andrade, Marcelo

 ·  Elementary education in the Leôncio de Carvalho Decree: a "world vision" inherited from Republican times?
Rocha, Marlos Bessa Mendes da

 ·  On the proximity of common sense in qualitative research in education: positivity or simple decadence?
Devechi, Catia Piccolo Viero; Trevisan, Amarildo Luiz

 Open Space
 ·  The debate on research and evaluation in postgraduate studies in education
Cury, Carlos Roberto Jamil

 ·  Educational research in Brazil
Macedo, Elizabeth; Sousa, Clarilza Prado de

 ·  Research in education: a balance of the production of postgraduate programmes in education
Nosella, Paolo

 ·  Infância, educação e MST: quando as crianças ocupam a cena
Kramer, Sonia; Motta, Flávia

 ·  Letramentos múltiplos, escola e inclusão social
Santos, Samuel Rodrigues dos; Karwoski, Acir Mário

 ·  Evolution’s First Philosopher: John Dewey and the Continuity of Nature
Matos, José Claudio Morelli