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Estudos de Psicologia (Natal)
On-line version ISSN 1678-4669


Table of contents
Estud. psicol. (Natal) vol.7 no.1 Natal Jan. 2002

 ·  Coping strategies and attributional styles of children facing stressful events
Dell'Aglio, Débora Dalbosco; Hutz, Cláudio Simon

 ·  Teenage fathers: Life experience and signification
Trindade, Zeidi Araujo; Menandro, Maria Cristina Smith

 ·  Internet: Negative media discourse versus positive personal experience Which should we rely on?
Nicolaci-da-Costa, Ana Maria

 ·  Emotional exhaustion: relationships with the perceived organizational support and coping strategies in the work place
Tamayo, Mauricio Robayo; Tróccoli, Bartholomeu Tôrres

 ·  Basic abilities and scholastic achievement in freshmen students
Primi, Ricardo; Santos, Acácia A. Angeli dos; Vendramini, Claudette Medeiros

 ·  Reliability of Goodenough's cognitive evaluation system: an actual perspective
Marques, Susi Lippi; Pasian, Sônia Regina; Franco, Maria Aparecida Paiva; Panosso, Ivana Regina; Viana, Araguacy Brazil; Oliveira, Daniela Andrea de

 ·  Professionals and teenagers users of prenatal assistance in Florianopolis city and surroundings: where is the father?
Siqueira, Maria Juracy Toneli; Mendes, Daniela; Finkler, Ivana; Guedes, Thais; Gonçalves, Mônica D. S.

 ·  Oral counting as a pre-requisite for the acquisition of the concept of number with pre-scholars
Monteiro, Giseli; Medeiros, José Gonçalves

 ·  The grandparents role: support offered to the grandchildren before and after situations of parent's separation/divorce
Araújo, Mayeve Rochane Gerônimo Leite; Dias, Cristina Maria de Souza Brito

 ·  Psychometric parameters of quality roles scales performed by women: mother and paid work
Possatti, Izabel Cristina; Dias, Mardonio Rique

 ·  Logical reasoning in text comprehension
Rodrigues, Amariles Alves; Dias, Maria da Graça Bompastor Borges; Roazzi, Antonio

 ·  Psychoanalysis and psychology in French university: relationship between conflicts and reciprocal interests
Aguiar, Fernando

 ·  Some considerations about the moi and the body in Lacan
Cukiert, Michele; Priszkulnik, Léia

 ·  Influence of conceptual knowledge on inductive judgments
Mendonça de Castilho, Goiara; Janczura, Gerson Américo

 Dossiê: "Brincar para quê? Uma abordagem etológica ao estudo da brincadeira"
 ·  Apresentação
Yamamoto, Maria Emilia; Carvalho, Ana Maria Almeida

 ·  Identification and description of play in a scarcely studied species, the tucuxi (Sotalia fluviatilis) in a field site
Spinelli, Luísa Helena Pinheiro; Nascimento, Lídio França do; Yamamoto, Maria Emília

 ·  Play and tool use learning in tufted capuchin monkeys (Cebus apella)
Resende, Briseida Dôgo de; Ottoni, Eduardo B.

 ·  Culture in the play group
Carvalho, Ana Maria Almeida; Pedrosa, Maria Isabel

 ·  Motivational, causal and functional analysis of play behavior in two rodent species
Vieira, Mauro Luís; Sartorio, Rodrigo