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Brazilian Journal of Physical Therapy
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Table of contents
Rev. bras. fisioter. vol.14 no.3 São Carlos May/June 2010

Editorial: endorsement of trial registration and the CONSORT statement by the Revista Brasileira de Fisioterapia
Costa, Leonardo O. P.; Maher, Christopher G.; Moseley, Anne M.; Sherrington, Catherine; Herbert, Robert D.; Elkins, Mark R.

 Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology and Biomechanics
 ·  Influences of the extensor portion of the gluteus maximus muscle on pelvic tilt before and after the performance of a fatigue protocol
Alvim, Felipe C.; Peixoto, Jennifer G.; Vicente, Eduardo J. D.; Chagas, Paula S. C.; Fonseca, Diogo S.

 ·  Revision of posturography based on force plate for balance evaluation
Duarte, Marcos; Freitas, Sandra M. S. F.

 Motor Control, Behavior and Motor Function
 ·  Sensory and motor differences between young and older adults: somatosensory contribution to postural control
Toledo, Diana R.; Barela, José A.

 Physical Therapy for Cardiovascular and Respiratory Conditions
 ·  Assessment of exercise capacity among asthmatic and healthy adolescents
Basso, Renata P.; Jamami, Mauricio; Pessoa, Bruna V.; Labadessa, Ivana G.; Regueiro, Eloisa M. G.; Di Lorenzo, Valéria A. P.

 Physical Therapy for Geriatric Conditions
 ·  The influence of sociodemographic, clinical and functional variables on the quality of life of elderly people with total hip arthroplasty
Rampazo, Mariana K.; D'Elboux, Maria José

 ·  Effectiveness of aquatic and non-aquatic lower limb muscle endurance training in the static and dynamic balance of elderly people
Avelar, Núbia C. P.; Bastone, Alessandra C.; Alcântara, Marcus A.; Gomes, Wellington F.

 Physical Therapy for Musculoskeletal Conditions
 ·  Electromyographic and magnetic resonance imaging evaluations of individuals with patellofemoral pain syndrome
Ribeiro, Alessandra C. S.; Grossi, Débora B.; Foerster, Bernd; Candolo, Cecília; Monteiro-Pedro, Vanessa

 Physical Therapy for Neurological Conditions
 ·  Relationships between body symmetry during weight-bearing and functional reach among chronic hemiparetic patients
Pereira, Laura C.; Botelho, Ariane C.; Martins, Emerson F.

 Measurements in Physical Therapy
 ·  Cross-cultural adaptation and evaluation of the psychometric properties of the Falls Efficacy Scale - International Among Elderly Brazilians (FES-I-BRAZIL)
Camargos, Flávia F. O.; Dias, Rosângela C.; Dias, João M. D.; Freire, Maria T. F.

 ·  Inter- and intra-examiner reliability of footprint pattern analysis obtained from diabetics using the Harris Mat
Cisneros, Lígia L.; Fonseca, Tiago H. S.; Abreu, Vivianni C.

 Physical and Natural Therapeutic Resources
 ·  Effect of high-voltage pulsed current plus conventional treatment on acute ankle sprain
Sandoval, Maria Cristina; Ramirez, Carolina; Camargo, Diana M.; Salvini, Tania F.

 ·  Effect of aquatic physical therapy on pain and state of sleep and wakefulness among stable preterm newborns in neonatal intensive care units
Vignochi, Carine; Teixeira, Patrícia P.; Nader, Silvana S.