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Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia
On-line version ISSN 1806-9290


Table of contents
R. Bras. Zootec. vol.39 no.11 Viçosa Nov. 2010

 ·  Effect of net-pen marine shrimp farming on the water quality and zooplanktonic community structure in Baía de Guaratuba, Paraná
Angelo, Leandro; Ventura, Robson; Ostrensky, Antonio; Perbiche-Neves, Gilmar; Boeger, Walter Antonio

 ·  Stocking density and erythrocytic parameters of pacu raised in cages
Bittencourt, Fábio; Feiden, Aldi; Signor, Arcangelo Augusto; Boscolo, Wilson Rogério; Lorenz, Evandro Kleber; Maluf, Márcia Luzia Ferrarezi

 ·  Taurine supplementation of diets with two protein concentrations to Pacific white shrimp post-larvae
Furtado, Plínio Schmidt; Borba, Maude Regina de; Maicá, Paula Fraga; Wasielesky Junior, Wilson

 ·  Protein and energy on food of pacu fish raised in cages
Signor, Arcangelo Augusto; Boscolo, Wilson Rogério; Feiden, Aldi; Bittencourt, Fábio; Coldebella, Anderson; Reidel, Adilson

 Forage Crops
 ·  Protein and carbohydrate fractioning in elephantgrass silage with agricultural by-products
Andrade, Izabela Vieira Oliveira; Pires, Aureliano José Vieira; Carvalho, Gleidson Giordano Pinto de; Veloso, Cristina Mattos; Bonomo

 ·  Aerobic stability of triticale silage in single culture or in mixtures with oat and/or legumes
Bumbieris Junior, Valter Harry; Jobim, Clóves Cabreira; Emile, Jean-Claude; Roman, Juliano; Silva, Michele Simili da

 ·  Structural and morphogenical characteristics of black oats and Italian ryegrass on pasture submitted to two grazing intensities
Confortin, Anna Carolina Cerato; Rocha, Marta Gomes da; Quadros, Fernando Luiz Ferreira de; Glienke, Carine Lisete; Rossi, Guilherme Ebling; Moraes, Andréia Barros de

 ·  Selection of populations of Lotus corniculatus L. with increased tolerance to aluminum in nutrient solution
Janke, Aline; Dall'Agnol, Miguel; Santos, Armando Martins dos; Bissani, Carlos Alberto

 ·  Performance of hibernal forages under distinct brightness levels
Kirchner, Roque; Soares, André Brugnara; Sartor, Laércio Ricardo; Adami, Paulo Fernando; Migliorini, Francisco; Fonseca, Lidiane

 ·  Forage production and dynamic of a natural pasture submitted to different control methods of undesirable species and fertilization
Pellegrini, Luiz Giovani de; Nabinger, Carlos; Neumann, Mikael; Carvalho, Paulo César de Faccio; Crancio, Leonardo Araripe

 ·  Relationship between morphological characteristics and productivity of cactus forage clones
Silva, Nalígia Gomes de Miranda e; Lira, Mario de Andrade; Santos, Mércia Virginia Ferreira dos; Dubeux Júnior, José Carlos Batista; Mello, Alexandre Carneiro Leão de; Silva, Maria da Conceição

 Breeding, Genetic and Reproduction
 ·  Genetic parameters and phenotypic and genetic trends for weight at weaning and visual scores during this phase estimated for Angus-Nellore crossbred young bulls
Araújo, Ronyere Olegário de; Rorato, Paulo Roberto Nogara; Weber, Tomás; Everling, Dionéia Magda; Lopes, Jader Silva; Dornelles, Mariana de Almeida

 ·  Estimation of genetic parameters for growth traits in Canchim cattle with finite models
Baldi, Fernando; Alencar, Mauricio Mello de; Albuquerque, Lucia Galvão de

 ·  Pre-weaning performance evaluation of a multibreed Aberdeen Angus × Nellore population using different genetic models
Lopes, Jader Silva; Rorato, Paulo Roberto Nogara; Weber, Tomás; Araújo, Ronyere Olegário de; Dornelles, Mariana de Almeida; Comin, Juliana Grigolleto

 ·  Variance components and genetic parameters in a Nelore-Angus multibreed population under Bayesian approach
Oliveira, Mauricio Morgado de; Cardoso, Fernando Flores; Osório, José Carlos da Silveira

 ·  Mapping quantitative trait loci in Gallus gallus using principal components
Pinto, Luís Fernando Batista; Packer, Irineu Umberto; Ledur, Mônica Corrêa; Moura, Ana Silvia Alves Meira Tavares; Nones, Kátia; Coutinho, Luiz Lehmann

 ·  Zeolites and Yucca schidigera in commercial ration for dogs: palatability, digestibility and reduction of fecal odors
Maia, Gustavo Vaz Corrêa; Saad, Flávia Maria de Oliveira Borges; Roque, Natália Charleaux; França, Janine; Lima, Lídia Marinho Silva; Aquino, Adriana Augusto

 ·  Digestible lysine and zinc chelate levels on the production variables of brown laying hens
Pacheco, Bruna Helena Carvalho; Trindade Neto, Messias Alves da; Albuquerque, Ricardo de; Schammass, Eliana Aparecida

 ·  Probiotics and antibiotics as additives for sows and piglets during nursery phase
Silva, Marcus Leonardo Figueiredo; Lima, José Augusto de Freitas; Cantarelli, Vinícius de Souza; Amaral, Níkolas de Oliveira; Zangerônimo, Márcio Gilberto; Fialho, Elias Tadeu

 ·  Digestible lysine and zinc chelate for male broilers from 22 to 42 days of age
Trindade Neto, Messias Alves da; Kobashigawa, Estela; Namazu, Lilian Bernadete; Takeara, Paula; Araújo, Lúcio Francelino; Albuquerque, Ricardo de

 ·  Productive losses on broiler preslaughter operations: effects of the distance from farms to abattoirs and of lairage time in a climatized holding area
Vieira, Frederico Márcio Corrêa; Silva, Iran José Oliveira da; Barbosa Filho, José Antonio Delfino; Vieira, Afrânio Márcio Corrêa

 ·  Effect of dietary forage fiber levels on intake, production and efficiency of utilization of nutrients of lactating goats
Branco, Renata Helena; Rodrigues, Marcelo Teixeira; Silva, Márcia Maria Cândido da; Rodrigues, Carla Aparecida Florentino; Queiroz, Augusto César de; Araújo, Fabiana Lana de

 ·  Feed efficiency of Nellore cattle selected for postweaning weight
Castilhos, André Michel de; Branco, Renata Helena; Corvino, Tatiana Lucila Sobrinho; Razook, Alexander George; Bonilha, Sarah Figueiredo Martins; Figueiredo, Leopoldo Andrade de

 ·  Energy sources and supplementation levels for beef heifers raised during the dry season
Couto, Victor Rezende Moreira; Paulino, Mário Fonseca; Detmann, Edenio; Valadares Filho, Sebastião de Campos; Sales, Maykel Franklin Lima; Barros, Lívia Vieira de; Porto, Marlos Oliveira; Valente, Ériton Egidio Lisboa

 ·  Profile of ingested fatty acids and in the duodenal digest of steers fed different diets
Menezes, Luís Fernando Glasenapp de; Kozloski, Gilberto Vilmar; Restle, João; Brondani, Ivan Luiz; Pazdiora, Raul Dirceu; Cattelam, Jonatas

 ·  Tissue composition of the loin of discard ewes terminated in confinement and slaughtered at different physiological stages
Pinheiro, Rafael Silvio Bonilha; Jorge, André Mendes

 ·  Performance and nutritional parameters of growing heifers fed corn silage or sugar cane with concentrate
Rangel, Adriano Henrique do Nascimento; Campos, José Maurício de Souza; Oliveira, André Soares de; Valadares Filho, Sebastião de Campos; Assis, Anderson Jorge de; Souza, Shirley Motta de

 ·  Productive performance of dairy Gyr cows in feedlot fed levels of concentrate and crude protein in diets
Teixeira, Rafael Monteiro Araújo; Lana, Rogério de Paula; Fernandes, Leonardo de Oliveira; Oliveira, André Soares de; Queiroz, Augusto César de; Pimentel, Joabe Jobson de Oliveira

 Animal Production Systems and Agribusiness
 ·  Calculation of the costs and evaluation of incomes in different systems of production of goat milk in Cariris Paraibanos
Dal Monte, Hélio Luiz Beretta; Costa, Roberto Germano; Holanda Júnior, Evandro Vasconcelos; Pimenta Filho, Edgard Cavalcanti; Cruz, George Rodrigo Beltrão da; Menezes, Marcos Paulo Carrera

 ·  Availability of net energy in the milk and weight performance in Hereford and Aberdeen Angus calves from birth to weaning
Forster, Karine Maciel; Pimentel, Marcelo Alves; Moraes, José Carlos Ferrugem