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Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology
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Table of contents
Braz. arch. biol. technol. vol.47 no.5 Curitiba Sept. 2004

 Agriculture, Agribusiness and Biotechnology
 ·  Path analysis under multicollinearity in soybean
Bizeti, Henrique Stoco; Carvalho, Claudio Guilherme Portela de; Souza, José Roberto Pinto de; Destro, Deonisio

 ·  Fenologics characteristics of the ‘Siciliano’ lemon tree on two rootstocks influenced by liming and boron addition
Grassi Filho, Hélio; Dechen, Antonio Roque; Torquato, Elano Marçal; Santos, Carlos Henrique dos

 ·  Partition of proteins in aqueous two-phase systems based on Cashew-nut tree gum and poly(ethylene glycol)
Sarubbo, Leonie Asfora; Oliveira, Luciana Alves de; Porto, Ana Lúcia Figueiredo; Campos-Takaki, Galba Maria de; Tambourgi, Elias Basile

 ·  Influence of medium composition and pH on the production of polygalacturonases by Aspergillus oryzae
Malvessi, Eloane; Silveira, Mauricio Moura da

 ·  Initial segmentation patterns of microspores and pollen viability in soybean cultured anthers: indication of chromosome doubling
Cardoso, Milena Barcelos; Kaltchuk-Santos, Eliane; Mundstock, Elsa Cristina de; Bodanese-Zanettini, Maria Helena

 ·  Population dynamics of Pseudevadne tergestina (Branchiopoda: Onychopoda) in Guanabara Bay, Brazil
Marazzo, Andrea; Valentin, Jean Louis

 ·  Physical attributes of kaolinitic and oxidic oxisols resulting from different usage systems
Centurion, José Frederico; Beutler, Amauri Nelson; Souza, Zigomar Menezes de

 Human and Animal Health
 ·  The effects of chronic AC magnetic field on contraction and relaxation of isolated thoracic aorta rings of healthy and diabetic rats
Öcal, Isil; Günay, Ismail

 ·  Dispersion of Aedes aegypti (Linnaeus, 1762) and Aedes albopictus (Skuse, 1894) in the rural zone of north Paraná State
Lopes, José; Martins, Emerson Augusto Castilho; Oliveira, Osmar de; Oliveira, Valdecir de; Oliveira Neto, Bertolino Pedro de; Oliveira, José Eduardo de

 Food Science and Technology
 ·  Isolation of natural inhibitors of papain obtained from Carica papaya latex
Monti, Rubens; Contiero, Jonas; Goulart, Antonio José

 Biological and Applied Sciences
 ·  Fish community composition, seasonality and abundance in Fortaleza Lagoon, cidreira
Schifino, Lúcia Cabral; Fialho, Clarice Bernhardt; Verani, José Roberto

 ·  Trace metal contamination in estuarine fishes from Vitória Bay, ES, Brazil
Joyeux, Jean-Christophe; Campanha Filho, Edmar Augusto; Jesus, Honério Coutinho de

 ·  Population dynamics of Musca domestica (Diptera: Muscidae): experimental and theoretical studies at different temperatures
Tardelli, Carina Aparecida; Godoy, Wesley Augusto Conde; Mancera, Paulo Fernando Arruda

 ·  Germination of Jacaranda mimosifolia (D. Don - Bignoniaceae) seeds: effects of light, temperature and water stress
Socolowski, Fábio; Takaki, Massanori

 ·  The seed bank of a gallery forest in Southeastern Brazil
Grombone-Guaratini, Maria Tereza; Leitão Filho, Hermógenes de Freitas; Kageyama, Paulo Yoshio

 ·  Short-term cold storage of sperm from six neotropical characiformes fishes
Marques, Simone; Godinho, Hugo Pereira

 ·  Predaceous ant fauna in new sugarcane fields in the state of São Paulo, Brazil
Rossi, Marcelo Nogueira; Fowler, Harold Gordon

 Engineering and Technology
 ·  Pectinase production by fungal strains in solid-state fermentation using agro-industrial bioproduct
Martin, Natalia; Souza, Simone Regina de; Silva, Roberto da; Gomes, Eleni

 ·  Recovery of ascorbic oxidoreductase from crude extract with an aqueous two-phase system in a perforated rotating disc contactor
Porto, Ana Lúcia Figueiredo; Sarubbo, Leonie Asfora; Moreira, Keila Aparecida; Melo, Homero José Farias de; Lima-Filho, José Luís; Campos-Takaki, Galba Maria; Tambourgi, Elias Basile

 ·  Studies on fungal and bacterial population of air-conditioned environments
Ross, Claudia; Menezes, Jose Roberto de; Svidzinski, Terezinha Inez Estivalet; Albino, Ulisses; Andrade, Galdino