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Linguagem em (Dis)curso
On-line version ISSN 1982-4017


Table of contents
Ling. (dis)curso vol.9 no.2 Tubarão Aug. 2009

Bonini, Adair

 Research Article
 ·  Discourse and axiological competence in Portuguese textbooks
Emediato, Wander

 ·  Rhetorical organization of science popularization news genre: a comparative study between Portuguese and English
Motta-Roth, Désirée; Lovato, Cristina dos Santos

 ·  The teacher and the polis: educational chronotropes and social inclusion at school
Oliveira, Míria Gomes de

 ·  The selection of Portuguese textbooks
Tagliani, Dulce Cassol

 ·  "Are you ready to test yourself?": a semiolinguistic approach to the quiz genre in Clarice Lispector's Correio Feminino
Corrêa-Rosado, Leonardo Coelho; Melo, Mônica Santos de Souza

 ·  Children's writing acquisition stages: a new reading of an old theme
Moreira, Cláudia Martins

 ·  Text and genre: systemic functional perspectives for genre analysis and language teaching
Vian Junior, Orlando

 ·  Resenha de "Ensino de língua materna: PCNS, gramática e discurso" [Wittke, C. I. - Santa Cruz do Sul: Edunisc, 2007]
Lisbôa, Tânia Winch; Flores, Onici Claro