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Brazilian Journal of Biology
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Braz. J. Biol. vol.70 no.3 supl.0 São Carlos Oct. 2010

 Editorial Note
 ·  Ecohydrology for compensation of Global Change
Zalewski, M.

Brazilian Atlantic Forest lato sensu: the most ancient Brazilian forest, and a biodiversity hotspot, is highly threatened by climate change
Colombo, AF.; Joly, CA.

Dissolved nitrogen in rivers: comparing pristine and impacted regions of Brazil
Martinelli, LA; Coletta, LD.; Ravagnani, EC.; Camargo, PB.; Ometto, JPHB.; Filoso, S.; Victoria, RL.

Photosynthetic efficiency of Clusia arrudae leaf tissue with and without Cecidomyiidae galls
Fernandes, GW.; Coelho, MS.; Lüttge, U.

Spectral analysis of flowers used by nectar-feeding birds in an urban area in Southeastern Brazil
Toledo, MCB.; Donatelli, RJ.

Abundance and stratification of soil macroarthropods in a Caatinga Forest in Northeast Brazil
Araújo, VFP; Bandeira, AG; Vasconcellos, A

Nutrient addition does not enhance leaf decomposition in a Southeastern Brazilian stream (Espinhaço mountain range)
Abelho, M.; Moretti, M.; França, J.; Callisto, M.

Cladocera of the Lençóis Maranhenses (NE - Brazil): faunal composition and a reappraisal of Sars' Method
Van Damme, K.; Dumont, HJ.

Phytoplankton assemblages in a reservoir cascade of a large tropical - subtropical river (SE, Brazil)
Nogueira, MG; Ferrareze, M; Moreira, ML; Gouvêa, RM

Limnological changes in Dom Helvécio Lake (South-East Brazil): natural and anthropogenic causes
Maia-Barbosa, PM.; Barbosa, LG.; Brito, SL.; Garcia, F.; Barros, CFA; Souza, MBG; Mello, N.; Guimarães, AS.; Barbosa, FAR

Temporal coherence among tropical coastal lagoons: a search for patterns and mechanisms
Caliman, A.; Carneiro, LS.; Santangelo, JM.; Guariento, RD.; Pires, APF.; Suhett, AL.; Quesado, LB.; Scofield, V.; Fonte, ES.; Lopes, PM.; Sanches, LF.; Azevedo, FD.; Marinho, CC.; Bozelli, RL.; Esteves, FA.; Farjalla, VF.

Cold fronts and reservoir limnology: an integrated approach towards the ecological dynamics of freshwater ecosystems
Tundisi, JG.; Matsumura-Tundisi, T.; Pereira, KC.; Luzia, AP.; Passerini, MD.; Chiba, WAC.; Morais, MA.; Sebastien, NY.

Occurrence of Ceratium furcoides (Levander) Langhans 1925 bloom at the Billings Reservoir, São Paulo State, Brazil
Matsumura-Tundisi, T; Tundisi, JG; Luzia, AP; Degani, RM

Modeling the potential distribution of the invasive golden mussel Limnoperna fortunei in the Upper Paraguay River system using limnological variables
Oliveira, MD; Hamilton, SK; Calheiros, DF; Jacobi, CM; Latini, RO

Cianobacterial bloom and animal mass mortality in a reservoir from Central Argentina
Mancini, M.; Rodriguez, C.; Bagnis, G.; Liendo, A.; Prosperi, C.; Bonansea, M.; Tundisi, JG.

Five new species of genus Astyanax Baird & Girard, 1854 from Rio Iguaçu, Paraná, Brazil (Ostariophysi, Characiformes, Characidae)
Garavello, JC.; Sampaio, FAA

A new species of Notodiaptomus Kiefer (Crustacea, Copepoda, Calanoida, Diaptomidae) from Brazil
Matsumura-Tundisi, T; Espindola, ELG; Tundisi, JG; Souza-Soares, F; Degani, RM

Anurofauna of an Atlantic Rainforest fragment and its surroundings in Northern Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil
Almeida-Gomes, M; Almeida-Santos, M; Goyannes-Araújo, P; Borges-Júnior, VNT; Vrcibradic, D; Siqueira, CC; Ariani, CV; Dias, AS; Souza, VV; Pinto, RR; Van Sluys, M; Rocha, CFD

Biomass and production of Cladocera in Furnas Reservoir, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Santos, RM; Negreiros, NF.; Silva, LC.; Rocha, O.; Santos-Wisniewski, MJ.

Influence of indomethacin on the regenerative process of the tail fin of teleost: morphometric and ultrastructural analysis
Böckelmann, PK.; Bechara, IJ.

Macroinvertebrates in low-order streams in two fragments of Atlantic Forest in different states of conservation, in the State of São Paulo (Brazil)
Paula, MC.; Fonseca-Gessner, AA