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Brazilian Journal of Plant Physiology
On-line version ISSN 1677-9452


Table of contents
Braz. J. Plant Physiol. vol.17 no.2 Londrina Apr/June 2005

 Research Articles
 ·  Changes in nitrate reductase activity and oxidative stress response in the moss Polytrichum commune subjected to chromium, copper and zinc phytotoxicity
Panda, Sanjib Kumar; Choudhury, Shuvasish

 ·  Effects of different drying rates on the physiological quality of Coffea canephora Pierre seeds
Rosa, Sttela Dellyzete Veiga Franco da; Brandão Júnior, Delacyr da Silva; Von Pinho, Édila Vilela de Resende; Veiga, André Delly; Silva, Luiz Hildebrando de Castro e

 ·  Differential responses of ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase activities of two Vigna unguiculata cultivars to salt stress
Aragão, Maria Erivalda Farias de; Guedes, Marjorie Moreira; Otoch, Maria de Lourdes Oliveira; Guedes, Maria Izabel Florindo; Melo, Dirce Fernandes de; Lima, Maria da Guia Silva

 ·  Effect of temperature on polyunsaturated fatty acid accumulation in soybean seeds
Lanna, Anna Cristina; José, Inês Chamel; Oliveira, Maria Goreti de Almeida; Barros, Everaldo Gonçalves; Moreira, Maurilio Alves

 ·  Asymmetrical leaves induced by water deficit show asymmetric photosynthesis in common bean
Souza, Gustavo Maia; Viana, Juliana de Oliveira Fernandes; Oliveira, Ricardo Ferraz de

 ·  The influence of water management and environmental conditions on the chemical composition and beverage quality of coffee beans
Silva, Emerson A. da; Mazzafera, Paulo; Brunini, Orivaldo; Sakai, Emílio; Arruda, Flávio B.; Mattoso, Luiz Henrique C.; Carvalho, Cássia R. L.; Pires, Regina Célia M.

 ·  Cloning and sequence analysis of tomato cpDNA fragments: towards developing homologous chloroplast transformation vectors
Berger, Irving Joseph; Carraro, Dirce Maria; Bock, Ralph; Azevedo, Ricardo Antunes; Carrer, Helaine

 ·  Induction and differentiation of reproductive buds in Coffea arabica L.
Majerowicz, Nidia; Söndahl, Maro R.

 ·  Identifying Eucalyptus expressed sequence tags related to Arabidopsis flowering-time pathway genes
Dornelas, Marcelo Carnier; Rodriguez, Adriana Pinheiro Martinelli

 Short Communication
 ·  Response of Crotalaria juncea to nickel exposure
Cardoso, Patrícia Felippe; Gratão, Priscila Lupino; Gomes-Junior, Rui Alberto; Medici, Leonardo Oliveira; Azevedo, Ricardo Antunes